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Six Critical Things You Must Do As Soon As Possible


Speak to a criminal lawyer right away.

Case results are generally better if the lawyer has been retained from the very start of the file than part way through it.

Collect all of the paperwork the police or the court gave you.

Your lawyer will want to see them all.

If the police contact you again, do not give them any info or bodily samples unless there is a warrant.

Be polite.

Don’t talk about the events online (the police often check for this mistake) nor with anyone other than your lawyer.

Don’t even speak to your  spouse or your parents, as they can be subpoenaed to testify against you at a trial!

Check the paperwork carefully and make sure you don’t miss your court or fingerprint dates.

Once retained, we can appear for you at most court appearances without you having to attend.

As soon as possible, make notes of what happened while the events are still fresh in your mind.

A timeline, if possible, can also be extremely helpful. Mark all documents ‘FOR MY LAWYER ONLY.’


We're here for all criminal offences including sexual offences, driving offences, violent offences, white collar crime and drug offences.