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At Aitken Robertson, it’s simple: we put our clients first. We understand that being faced with a legal problem is an unnerving and overwhelming experience. With that in mind, we approach our clients’ cases with the utmost sensitivity, consideration and support. We appreciate that clients are concerned with the potential consequences of the criminal charge(s) they are confronting. On that note, our role is to ensure that our clients feel protected and more importantly, confident that we are relentlessly advocating on their behalf.

practice criminal defence law because of my sincere belief in the importance of our constitutionally protected rights, the highest law in all of Canada. I developed a keen interest in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms during law school. There, I learned the significance of rights afforded to an accused facing a criminal charge to ensure the transparency and fairness of the justice system. The role of criminal defence lawyers cannot be underestimated as they protect the balancing of the rights of an accused with the rights of society.

If you don’t already know, the Charter is a powerful legal instrument that protects people from breaches of specific rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Canadian government. I rely on the Charter in more ways than one to diligently fight for my clients’ rights. For example, my clients are afforded the right to: remain silent following an arrest, procedural fairness, legal representation, timely court process, bail, transparent disclosure, full answer and defence and a fair trial. Armed with this knowledge, I effectively scrutinize police warrants, arrests, investigations and expose any procedural deficiencies and/or beaches of Charter rights.  As a professionally trained lawyer, I understand the nature of different criminal charges and the various ways they can be resolved. My goal is to help you, as my client, feel a sense of relief that comes with knowing that as your lawyer, your case is being handled carefully and conscientiously.

Every lawyer has a unique style in his or her approach to cases. My clients are more than a file number to me. I get to know my clients and establish a positive rapport with them. I then develop a case strategy based on who my client is and the specific circumstances of his or her legal matter. Where possible, my main priority is to help you avoid a criminal record. To do this, I rely on my knowledge of the law and employ effective dispute resolution strategies to achieve the best possible outcome. I placed second at a Negotiation Competition in law school and have a Certificate in the Stitt, Feld and Handy Negotiation Course. I rely on my acquired skills for the benefit of my clients.

As I appreciate the gravity of clients’ concerns for potential penalties, at the very least, my aim is to help you avoid stiff legal penalties through the canvassing of creative alternative resolutions. I provide an honest and frank legal opinion respecting your options to help you determine the best course of action and make informed decisions.

I also practice immigration law for similar reasons noted above. Helping people receive fair representation and have their voices heard has always been a passion of mine. In fact, I am humbled to have earned an Access to Justice Award for my volunteering contributions to PBLA legal clinics. I helped litigants navigate through what often felt like a foreign and intimidating court system. The act of simplifying the complex legal process and facilitating the understanding of one’s legal rights continues to be a rewarding experience.

My patience, compassion and understanding allow me to work collaboratively and effectively with my clients. I appreciate the level of fear and confusion most people feel when confronted with the legal system. Such concerns are even more alarming when a foreign national or permanent resident is facing the potential of deportation or a loss of their immigration status in Canada. As such, I put my best foot forward to offer quality legal services. After all, I rely on the ‘word of mouth’ of my clients to reach others who are searching for reliable legal representation.

Free Initial Consultation

Let us explain the technical and practical aspects surrounding your specific situation and provide answers to your initial questions free of charge. 1-800-668-1657 toll free.

Before joining Aitken Robertson, I worked at the Ministry of Attorney General’s office, the largest firm in Canada. I enjoyed contributing to meaningful public interest work, while gaining exposure into the inner workings of the government. In my role at the Agency and Tribunal Relations Division, I assisted the government with the professional regulation and oversight of varied government agencies.  I also worked at the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), a government agency responsible for overseeing police conduct, flagged by members of the public. I gained extensive insight into how Charter violations by the police are dealt with through regulatory enforcement. I understand the manner in which police misconduct can lead to police prosecution as well as improved policies and services. While I endeavour to ensure that my clients’ legal rights were protected during the arrest and booking process of a criminal charge(s), the lessons I learned at the OIPRD immensely assist me when evaluating the role of police in criminal investigations.

In my free time, I like to travel internationally, learn new languages and practice playing the tabla, a membranophone percussion instrument. Given my competitive nature, I also like to challenge my family and friends to a game of Squash.

I work primarily out of the Newmarket, Toronto and Oshawa Office. I am fluent in both Arabic and Farsi.

  • Juris Doctor of Law, University of Calgary, AB, 2017
  • M.Sc. (International Relations), Vrije University, Holland, 2009
  • Diploma (Immigration Law) Seneca College, 2007
  • B.A. Hons., (Political Science) York University, 2006

Yasmine Al-Zaman is a lawyer and is licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.

Yasmine Al-Zaman - Oshawa Criminal Lawyer

A lawyer’s role is that of your protector, confidant and zealous advocate, for a lawyer is the relentless pursuer of justice.” Yasmine Al-Zaman

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Case Study: Withdrawal – Forged Documents, Possession of Controlled Drug & Substance

Facing possible jail time, we were able to successfully advocate on our client's behalf and all the charges they were facing were withdrawn.
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mischief over 5000

Case Study: Withdrawal – Mischief Over $5,000

The result in this case was the best-case scenario – the charges were withdrawn; no criminal record, in fact no record of the incident at all.
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assault mischief property damage

Case Study: Withdrawal – Assault with Weapon, Mischief/Damage to Property

Our client was diverted to the Direct Accountability Program for community based sanctions. All charges were dropped by the Crown.
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novice impaired charges

Case Study: Reduced – Impaired Driving, Refusal to Provide Breath Sample, and Novice Driver BAC over Zero

In this case, we showed that the offence could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. We were able to have our client's charges reduced and avoid a criminal record.
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impaired operation over 80

Case Study: Withdrawal – Impaired Operation, Over 80

The charges in this case were withdrawn, as we were able to prove that our client was not Over 80 at the time of his driving.
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