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City: Kingston, Ontario
Year: 2019
Our Client: Mr. M.
Charge(s): Voyeurism
Lawyer:  Virginia Dolinksa
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Case Study: Charge Withdrawn – Voyeurism

Background Allegations

Mr. M was a young man who was in the last semester of his undergraduate studies. He was planning to enroll in law school in the near future and pursue a legal career. Mr. M had no criminal record. As a young child, Mr. M experienced an incident of abuse which translated into long standing and deep difficulties that took a toll on Mr. M’s life as a young adult. Although Mr. M had plenty of support from his family, partook in counselling and found peace in religious circles, he still struggled in some domains. Mr. M could not control sexual urges although he knew his behavior is unacceptable. One day, he impulsively entered a girls’ bathroom at a University and locked himself in a stall. He waited for a stall next to him to become occupied. Not long after a stall became occupied, and Mr. M proceeded to record videos of the female occupant using his cellphone. The incident was reported to school authorities and to the police after which Mr. M was charged. He was identified through the University’s security cameras and entrance pass identification to the school’s library. Mr. M was charged with voyeurism. A criminal record and a jail sentence was a real possibility for Mr. M.


Mr. M’s objective was to avoid a criminal record and have the matter disposed of quickly so that he could return to his home country and pursue future studies in law.

The Strategy

Mr. M had a good life ahead of him. He was a good student with plans for the future. He understood that he needed to deal with his past and he acknowledged that he needed help. Mr. M enrolled in counselling and actively participated to address the incident. Given the circumstances of the case and our efforts, a peace bond was obtained for Mr. M.



The voyeurism charge was withdrawn.

Please Note: Past results not predictive of future results.

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