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City: Belleville, Ontario
Year: 2019
Our Client: Mr. G.
Complainant: Ms. S.
Charge(s): Assault
Lawyer:  Lavinia Inbar
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Case Study: Charges Withdrawn – Assault

Background Allegations

Mr. G. was a young person (17 years old), far from his family and home in Europe, who was attending a therapeutic boarding school in Canada. Housing for this boarding school was not in traditional residences but in homes with paid professional staff to watch over the students. Boarding in homes staffed in this way can give rise to tensions and one day Mr. G. lashed out at a staff member, spitting towards her feet. The staff of the home reported this event to the police which gave rise to the criminal charge of assault.


Our client had no criminal record and a bright future. The goal was to prevent a youth criminal record.

The Strategy

Our client was a really good kid who was willing to put in some work. An Extra Judicial Sanctions (EJS) plan was discussed and ultimately approved. The plan involved the young man successfully completing an EJS program as designed and approved by an EJS supervisor. Upon completion of the program the charges would be withdrawn.


Our client completed the requirements of his EJS program with flying colours and the charges were withdrawn.

Please Note: Past results not predictive of future results.

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