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Why a License Gets Suspended

The most common way that a license is suspended is for a non-payment of fine, for example an individual has been convicted of a previous traffic ticket and was given a period of time to pay the fine but has a momentary lapse in judgment and forgets.

Second most common would probably be a medical driver’s license suspension, for example an individual may have an alcohol or drug dependency and a doctor may deem them unfit to drive until certain conditions are met.

The other method of a potential license suspension would be, as I mentioned, FRO, the family responsibility unit or sorry, the family responsibility office, suspends the license because you haven’t met the conditions of your child support payments.

And lastly a court-ordered suspension tends to happen when it’s a serious driving offence, so the Justice of the Peace that listens to a guilty plea with submissions or listens to a trial and then convicts you will assess whether or not you’re a danger to other people using the roadway and they can decide right then and there to suspend your license, whether it’s for three days or for thirty days or for sixty days, I mean it’s really up to them to decide.


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