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Traffic Charges and Tickets: Our Approach

So when a client contacts me for the first time, my number one consideration is ‘how do I beat this particular traffic charge‘?

Okay, sometimes they can’t be beaten, at which time I’ll be blunt and I’ll tell them that it could be a conservative approach to get a lesser included offense, which means less demerit points, less of a risk to your insurance, and less of a monetary fine.

At Aitken Robertson, we have years of combined experience both in the trial but also in the resolution setting. There’s generally something that can be done when you’re charged with a traffic ticket, whether it’s beating it or whether it’s resolving it in line with your exact expectations.

You hire someone like myself to really review the evidence, to give you honest and concise information about your probability of success, but ultimately at the end of the day you decide what we do, you decide if we go to trial, I don’t decide if we go to trial. Preferably I’d like to take matters to trial but you ultimately get to decide.

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