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Toronto Criminal Law Office

Accomplished Criminal Lawyers Serving the People of Toronto

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Toronto Criminal Law Office

Aitken Robertson
69 Elm Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5G 1H2

Aitken Roberston Criminal Law Office in Toronto

Toronto Criminal Law OfficeLess than a 10 minute walk from the Old City Hall Ontario Court of Justice, Aitken Robertson’s Toronto office puts their decades of experience in criminal law to work in defence of those facing criminal or provincial charges.

Torontonians facing criminal charges will have the support of lawyer Justin Marchand. Most of Justin’s practice is dedicated to criminal trials, including cases of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, assault, sexual assault, drugs, fraud, theft and breach of probation. Justin is supported by paralegal Jami Sanftleben. Jami represents clients charged with provincial offences, including violations of the Highway Traffic Act. Both are mentored by firm founder and lawyer with over 35 years’ experience, Richard Aitken.

Aitken Robertson’s team of over 20 lawyers, paralegals, clerks, support staff, and law students, pride themselves in providing quality, experience, and affordability to Torontonians in difficult circumstances. We offer a free 30-minute consultation for anyone considering our services. During this consultation we’ll consider the facts of your case and give you a candid opinion about the outcomes that are likely and provide you a total cost for our services. We use a flat rate billing system so that you can make an informed decision without being concerned about receiving an unknown bill afterwards. If you’re concerned about paying legal feels ask our team about our interest free payment plans, which allow you to make reasonable interest free payments over a period of time instead of one lump sum payment upfront. We are adamant that all those facing charges, regardless of financial status, should be able to hire capable legal counsel without fear of financial burden.

Our Toronto team will meet for your free 30-minute consultation at 69 Elm St, Toronto. To schedule your consultation contact out office at (416) 507-0906.

What One of Our Toronto Clients Has Said About Us

What One of Our Toronto Clients Has Said About Us

I was charged with over 0.80 and Impaired Driving charges. I didn’t think I had any chance, but Justin Marchand managed to get me out with a careless driving charge. Thanks to him, I don’t have a criminal record!!! Very friendly, sharp, professional and dedicated individual. He did a great job prepping me for the trial, and prepping for the case. I highly recommend this firm, as if it wasn’t for them, I’m not sure what would have happened to my life. I made a nasty mistake, one which I will never ever make again. Some lessons have a big price to be learned.

–Aitken Robertson Client

Our Team In Toronto

Criminal Lawyer Justin Marchand

Justin Marchand

“I will be straight forward in my assessment of your case,” says lawyer Justin Marchand. Justin feels it is his duty as a criminal defence lawyer to provide those facing criminal charges with a clear and honest opinion about the likely outcomes of their case. As an experienced trial lawyer, Justin is a firm advocate for his clients, critically addressing mistakes made when collecting evidence and challenging violations of Charter rights.

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Richard Aitken - Criminal Lawyer

Richard Aitken

Lawyer and Founder
For over 35 years Richard Aitken has served Ontarians faced with criminal charges as defence counsel. Richard is experienced in defending against a full range of charges, including intoxicated driving causing bodily harm, sexual assault, fraud, and various drug and firearms based offences. Richard believes firmly that no two clients and no two cases are the same and supports each based on their unique facts and circumstances.

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Jami Sanftleben

Jami developed a passion for criminal law while attending Sir Sandford Fleming College, began a career path as a paralegal, and after completing his licensing practice hours with Aitken Robertson stayed with the firm full-time. Jami handles the majority of the firm’s provincial offence matters.

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Toronto Area Criminal Law Resources

Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto

For provincial offences, such as traffic tickets.

60 Queen St. West, Old City Hall
Toronto, ON
M5H 2M3
Telephone: (416) 326-0111

Ontario Court of Justice, College Park

For provincial offences, such as traffic tickets.

444 Yonge St, College Park, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON
M5B 2H4
Telephone: (416) 325-8950

Crown Attorney’s Office, Toronto

361 University Ave.
Toronto, ON
M5G 1T3
Telephone: (416) 327-5990

Legal Aid Clinic

For those unable to obtain legal services for financial reasons, legal aid clinics provide their services free of charge.

21 Dunlop Street, Suite 200
Richmond Hill, ON
L4C 2M6
Telephone: (905) 508-5018

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m worried that my case can’t be won. Should I bother hiring a lawyer?

    Absolutely, do not make any rash decisions until you’ve consulted with a lawyer. You have a Charter protected right to retain and instruct legal counsel upon detention and it’s important for you to exercise that right. Our lawyers will look at the facts of your case, the evidence the Crown has, and your circumstances, and give you a clear and honest opinion about the outcomes you can expect. You might be worried that your case can’t be won because of the evidence they have, but our team might be confident that evidence can be excluded for violations of procedure when it was gathered.

    We can get started on this through a free 30-minute consultation, so call us at (416) 507-0906 so we can start building your defence sooner rather than later.

  • I can’t make it to your Toronto office for a meeting before 5:00pm, can we still have a consultation?

    Absolutely, we don’t want people in need to think we won’t help them simply because of a scheduling conflict. Talk to us about your circumstances and we’ll discuss accommodations, like a telephone or video consultation after 5:00 p.m.

  • I can’t make it to a Toronto court date, what do I do?

    You may not even need to go to court most of the time once you’ve hired a lawyer. In many cases your lawyer acts on your behalf, and unless the court specifically requires you to be present (for example, to sign a peace bond or if a trial commences) we can go for you. If the court requires you be present and you can’t make it for extenuating circumstances, like a family or medical emergency, let us know and we will speak with the Crown about adjourning until you’re able to be present.

  • Where can I have an Interlock Ignition device installed on my vehicle in Toronto?

    Any of the following locations can install an Interlock Ignition on your vehicle:

    Speedy Glass
    1371 Kennedy Road
    Scarborough, ON
    M1P 2L7

    Vision Electronics
    33 William Kitchen Road, Unit J6
    Scarborough, ON
    M1P 5B7

    Vision Electronics
    67 Colossus Drive, Unit D55
    Woodbridge, ON
    L4L 9J8

    60 International Boulevard
    Toronto, ON
    M9W 6J2

  • Is there somewhere near your office I can get lunch near your Toronto office?

    Just east of our office on Elm St. you’ll find an Italian restaurant and a steakhouse. To the west you’ll find a pizzeria. South you’ll find Japanese food and a Starbucks.

Interesting Facts about Toronto

Toronto is in the top 5 most populated cities in North America, alongside Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Toronto is actually bigger than Chicago.

A series of tunnels run under Toronto called the PATH, which doubles as the largest underground shopping centre in the world.

The Rogers Centre is the first stadium in the world to feature a retractable roof, making it ideal for the varying weather in Canada.

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