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There are many advantages in hiring Aitken Robertson to defend your impaired driving (DUI), criminal charges:

1. First of all, you are not just hiring one criminal lawyer, you are hiring a team of 6 lawyers – with over 100 years of combined experience – determined to win your case.

2. Our Lawyers Know How to Fight.

  • We are impaired driving law lawyers first. Each member of the firm spends the vast majority of his or her time on impaired driving law: fighting it, making it and influencing it.
  • Most of our lawyers have training as breath techs, and know how to perform alcohol/breath testing just like the police. Very few lawyers in Ontario have such training.
  • Some of our lawyers are former or part-time Crown Attorneys. That gives us insight into the other side’s trial strategies.
  • Through experience we understand how the Crown and Court work. We use this knowledge to get you the results.
  • The Crown Attorneys are lawyers; the Judge was a lawyer; and you want the right lawyer fighting on your side.
  • Each lawyer at Aitken Robertson brings an individual skill set. Together we provide a strong and vigorous defence.

3. Representing You

  •  All of our clients receive personal attention. Each case varies based on the individual facts and circumstances. For some clients it is important to keep their licence. Others are mostly concerned with avoiding jail. Many want to minimize insurance costs. So, there is a wide range of desired results. Our goal is your individual best interests.
  • We understand the stress involved with facing a criminal charge. We will appear in court for you so that you don’t have to miss work or school. We minimize your court exposure. Often this means that you only have to attend court once or twice.
  • We are flexible with our office appointments. We often schedule them on weekends and after regular business hours. Our goal is that you continue to live your life and we fight the charges™. We work closely with various experts, such as toxicologists, doctors, accident reconstructionists, private investigators and traffic professionals to make sure that all possibilities are explored, all defences pursued, and that you get results.

4. The Changing Law

  • As impaired driving law is constantly evolving, it is important to be represented by a lawyer who is always updating his or her knowledge. The advantage to you is knowing that every possibility is considered.
  •  The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has recently changed the regulations and reduced the consequences for impaired driving. At Aitken Robertson we are fully aware of all the changes and how they can be used to get you the very best result.
  • The federal government is trying to get rid of your defence of suggesting that the breath test machine was not operated properly or not working at all at the time the tests were done. We are opposing these changes to ensure that your right to be presumed innocent is upheld.
  • As the courts are constantly changing the interpretation of the law, the criminal lawyers at Aitken Robertson are often responsible for doing the persuading that informs those interpretations. If it is not our team doing the influencing, then we are closely following the developments influenced by others.

5. Paralegals are no longer allowed to represent clients charged with impaired driving because of how complicated and technical these charges are.

6. Our in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience ensure that you will be strongly represented.

  • Impaired driving charges may involve various laws including the Criminal Code, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Highway Traffic Act, Federal Boating Regulations, and the Civil Remedies Act.
  • The interaction between federal and provincial law is important and could mean the difference between keeping your licence and never getting it back. For example, if you are convicted of dangerous driving, the Judge doesn’t always have to take your licence away. However, in certain circumstances the Ministry of Transportation will still suspend your licence for life! As the consequences are extreme, it is crucial to retain the right representation.

7. We offer reasonable fees and payment plans based on the client’s particular situation.


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