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The 19th Hole: Drinking While Playing Golf

Be aware of the potential consequences of spending too much time at the 19th hole of the course.

Before teeing off this summer, take a moment to consider how much alcohol you plan on consuming out on the course. Don’t be caught driving over the legal limit of 80 and over milligrams because you thought you were sober enough to drive home later that evening.

Unfortunately, most people do not realize how long alcohol stays in their system.

Here are a few facts to help you drive safe this summer:

If you are a male golfer around 150 lb. and you are out golfing for five hours, if you consume one beer every hour while on the course, and then one more in the clubhouse afterwards – that’s six beers in six hours. If each 12 oz of 5% alcohol beer equals 35 mg of alcohol – six beers would equal 210 mg of alcohol – it takes 18 hours to get down to a 0% blood alcohol level. So, if you try to drive home after the game, you would obviously be greater than the legal limit of 80 mg.


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