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What His Clients Say

He is a phenomenal lawyer. Upon first meeting, he thoroughly explained everything to me, and I proceeded further to hire him as he was very knowledgeable about how he was going to work on this specific case.

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Past results not predictive of future results.

Rating: 4.5

“I was charged with over 80 and Impaired driving in Toronto for the first time. Me being a Truck Driver, you can imagine how scared i was. I did little research and came across the website for Aitken Robertson and liked what i saw so i gave them a call. After my first conversation with Justin Marchand, he made me understand everything about my case and gave me so much hope plus with the payment options they offered me, it was a no brainer picking them for my case. Throughout my whole process Justin and Lisa were understanding of my situation and made my process so much comfortable for me. After my not guilty verdict there is no way i wouldn’t recommend them for anyone in need of a good lawyer or firm. They fight for their clients!”

Rating: 5

“I reached out to Aitken Robertson – fight the charges – when I was charged with fraud under $5,000.  I was introduced to my lawyer, Justin Marchand.  With Justin’s help, I was capable of paying the full restitution fee in a span of six months. To top it all off, no criminal charge!  I was very nervous about the upcoming trial but Justin made me feel comfortable and confident that the results will end well.  He was very understanding and made sure I understood the procedures. Lisa was amazing help, answering questions as soon as she can and was very accommodating when I was incapable of paying the fees on time.  They are an amazing resource if any of my friends or family need help. I seriously cannot thank both of them enough.”

Rating: 5

“I was facing four separate charges: Over 80mgs, Impaired, Dangerous Driving, and Failure to Remain. As a result of the charges I lost my job. Furthermore, I faced at least a year suspension from driving, fines and a criminal record, forever hindering my employment opportunities. However, with the professional guidance and expertise from Aitken Robertson I was found not guilty on all charges! I have since gotten a better job and never have to worry about being discriminated against when applying for another job! Without the help of Aitken Robertson I would have never been able to get back to where I am today. I would highly recommend this team of professionals to anyone facing similar issues.”

Rating: 5

“I believe that my experience with Aitken Robertson was a very good one. I was in a terrible fix and they listened to my story and made me feel a lot less stressed. I appeared for fingerprints once and never had to miss time at work until I had to go for my plea. They let me pay them monthly, as opposed to upfront, so that I could pay my incurred fine. They gave me scenarios to consider and let me make my own decision. I thank them for much need and sound, reasonable, stress relieving advice. Would I choose them to help me in the future? Without any hesitation or apprehension whatsoever.”


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