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What His Clients Say

I was stressed and worried but Edmund helped me through the process and when trial came I impressed with how prepared he was and how hard he fought for me. I was found innocent of 8 charges In the end.

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Rating: 5

“After leaving a Christmas Party in Dec of 2014, I was pulled over and asked to provide a Breath Sample. I failed that Road Side Breath Sample, was charged with refusing to provide a breath sample at the station and spent a period of time in the cells. After being released, I had to make the necessary choice of selecting legal representation. After reviewing a number of firms, I opted to select Aitken Robertson because of their courteous staff and reputation.

I had the pleasure of having Edmund Chan as my defense lawyer. Edmund is a very well received and informed professional, with years of experience. I was facing a year without my license and having to install a breathalyzer in my vehicle thereafter. This would have ruined my career, increase my stress levels and overall, monetarily.

Edmund decided we use the collaboration of the breath sampling machine as our main defense due to it not being collaborated properly. The result of the matter was that the Crown dismissed the charges due to Edmund’s devastating and jarring questioning.

I couldn’t be happier with the result and have since felt the weight of the world release. I would urge anyone in the precarious circumstances to let Aitken Robertson defend you and your livelihood.

Everyone at Aitken Robertson proved their worth at every engagement. Kind, understanding and respectful. Ultimately, they were trying their best to accomplish a satisfied client. Even at the beginning, they supplied me with their book, which highlighted a lot of the feelings and emotions I was encountering, in turn defusing a lot of those feelings.Although you may not win, you certainly have a very chance with Aitken Robertson.”


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