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R. v. R.G.

“In the Fall of 2012 I was charged with over 80 and impaired driving. I was facing serious financial burden and a compromised ability to best support my young family should I had been convicted. This was also my first brush with the law as I had zero experience with the criminal code, so I felt hopelessly in way over my head. In the end I’m glad I called Aitken Robertson. As it turns out, certain details surrounding the event were crucial to determining the legality of my arrest and detainment in the first place. I never would have considered these factors on my own, it simply would never have occurred to me. Perhaps like the average Joe, I had completely taken for granted my basic rights and due process as carefully set out in our legal system. And this is precisely why it was the right choice to trust a professional, Richard Aitken, with my case. Mr. Aitken and his associates guided me through the process with utmost concern and professionalism. With Mr. Aitken’s defense, the judge dismissed the case as the detainment was found to be unlawful. I can keep my spotless record and get on with life.” – RG

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