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Speaking to Police After an Accident

So if a police officer asks you what happened following an accident, generally it means that the officer didn’t personally view the accident and they’re just trying to investigate the situation. Sometimes it’s nothing more than just an accident or sometimes it’s a momentary lapse in judgment that may result in a charge, whether it’s you or
the other driver.

So when an officer asks you what happened you have to be careful. If you have any reasonable belief that you may be at fault, be careful what you say because ultimately they’ll turn around and use it against you in the time of a trial.

After a consultation, what may appear minor now, and what may be what a client wants to resolve their matter quick and hastily, is not always the best decision because they don’t consider the longer scheme of things. The amount of the increase to their insurance premium as a result of this conviction or multiple convictions, it’s going to affect them financially over a longer period of time as opposed to you know just getting it over with or even drawing things out to make sure that they understand the total consequences, again making a hasty decision isn’t always the correct one.


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