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Pornography Offences: Sex Offender Information Registry Act

So I’ll briefly explain what S.O.I.R.A. is, S.O.I.R.A. is the Sex Offender Information Registry Act and S.O.I.R.A. accompanies most sexual offenses, so for example if you are charged with, you know, under Section 151 sexual interference for example, there is a mandatory S.O.I.R.A. order, so after you’re found guilty, a judge is obligated to impose a S.O.I.R.A. order for a period of 10 years if the crown precedes summarily and 20 years if the crown proceeds by indictment. So essentially you are required to register, you have to give all of your personal information, where you live, the nature of your offense, and all of that is traceable to people who live in your community, so if you have been found guilty of a sexual offense it will be known to the public, or can be made known to the public, that you have been found guilty and you reside at this location, and you have certain terms associated with your order. Can’t go near public parks for example, or places where children tend to congregate. It’s something that we try to avoid at all costs for our clients.

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