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Experienced Criminal Lawyers in Defence of Scarborough’s Accused

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Scarborough Criminal Lawyers - Meeting Place

Aitken Robertson
3660 Midland Avenue
Scarborough, Ontario
M1B 0B8

Aitken Roberston Criminal Lawyers – Meeting Place in Scarborough

Scarborough Criminal Law OfficeFor over 35 years Aitken Robertson has provided Ontarians with effective and affordable criminal defence.

Most of our clients in Scarborough are looked after by Justin Marchand and Nasif Abdullah, accomplished trial lawyers with experience in a variety of cases including:

While Justin and Nasif work with most of our Scarborough clients directly, Aitken Robertson operates in a team oriented manner. All of our lawyers are constantly collaborating with their colleagues, as well as the firm’s paralegals, clerks, administrators, and law students. The firm’s founder, Richard Aitken, personally mentors and advises each lawyer on an ongoing basis. In over three decades of practising criminal law he has defended clients with a wide range of charges, including:

  • impaired driving causing serious bodily harm,
  • flight from police,
  • drugs, and
  • a variety of firearms offences.

Aitken Robertson’s lawyers believe that everyone should be able to hire defence counsel they can rely on without the stress of constantly growing legal fees. That’s why we charge with a flat fee billing system, rather than on a billable hours system. Through a free 30-minute consultation our lawyers determine what the cost of your defence will be, so you know what the fees will be before you hire us, removing a lot of the stress of waiting for the final bill. If paying the fees all at once would be too difficult we also offer interest free payment plans, customized to each client to allow you to fund your defence with a series of modest payments instead of needing a large lump sum.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation and meet with our team in Scarborough at 3660 Midland Ave. For no cost we’ll provide you with our opinion on what outcomes you can reasonably expect in your case, discuss the options you have for defences, and provide you with a total cost. We want all of our clients to have all the information necessary to confidently choose legal counsel.

What One of Our Scarborough Clients Has Said About Us

What One of Our Scarborough Clients Has Said About Us

“I was charged with over 80 and Impaired driving in Toronto for the first time. Me being a Truck Driver, you can imagine how scared i was. I did little research and came across the website for Aitken Robertson and liked what i saw so i gave them a call. After my first conversation with Justin Marchand, he made me understand everything about my case and gave me so much hope plus with the payment options they offered me, it was a no brainer picking them for my case. Throughout my whole process Justin and Lisa were understanding of my situation and made my process so much comfortable for me. After my not guilty verdict there is no way i wouldn’t recommend them for anyone in need of a good lawyer or firm. They fight for their clients!”

–Aitken Robertson Client

Our Team In Scarborough

Richard Aitken - Criminal Lawyer

Richard Aitken

Lawyer and Founder
Since 1984 Richard Aitken has been providing legal services to those facing criminal charges in Ontario. He has represented clients in thousands of trials, and represented more in successful pre-trial negotiations with the Crown. Richard believes in constant education, keeping his team knowledgeable on the latest techniques being employed by law enforcement to better litigate on behalf of their clients. He leads his team to multiple conferences a year to study developments in BreathalyzerTM technology. Richard personally owns an Intoxilyzer 8000TM, the model currently used by Ontario police, giving him excellent insight into the kinds of errors that can aid in a client’s defence.

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Nasif Abdullah

Nasif Abdullah

New clients working with Nasif Abdullah can rest assured they are in capable and sympathetic hands. Nasif feels it is his responsibility to first alleviate a client’s anxieties about their case, and then to critically assess the merits of the Crown’s case. His practice focuses on impaired driving cases, and he routinely attends workshops and seminars on the use of the Intoxilyzer 8000tm to maintain an up to date understanding to benefit his clients. Nasif is also fluent in Bengali.

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Criminal Lawyer Justin Marchand

Justin Marchand

Justin Marchand believes in keeping his clients involved in their cases as much or as little as they’re comfortable with. He provides his clients with honest and well-researched opinions about each step of their case to support them in making major decisions. A signification amount of Justin’s practice is trial litigation, defending clients before the Ontario Court of Justice for a variety of charges. He is well versed in Charter applications, allowing him to fight for his clients by contesting key evidence obtained in violation of his clients’ rights.

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Brenda Yu

Paralegal and IT Director
Brenda Yu’s diverse background in business, science, real estate, and family law, give her a unique and analytical perspective making her an ideal paralegal and director of IT. She has been with Aitken Robertson since she obtained her paralegal licence and works closely with Richard Aitken, Justin Marchand, and Nasif Abdullah by performing legal research and document drafting. As a paralegal Brenda advises and represents clients charged with provincial and regulatory offences. As the IT director she maintains the firm’s various programs which allow our team to provide organized and well researched legal services. Brenda is fluent in both English and Mandarin and is able to provide services in either language.

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Jami Sanftleben

After completing the practice hours required for his paralegal licensing with Aitken Robertson, Jami Sanftleben remained a member of the team fulltime. He handles provincial and regulatory offences for many of the firm’s clients. Jami believes it’s important to understand each client’s goals when working on their defence so that he can ensure their satisfaction with his results.

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Scarborough Area Criminal Law Resources

Ontario Court of Justice, Scarborough

For provincial offences, such as traffic tickets.

1911 Eglinton Ave. East
Scarborough, ON
M1L 4P4
Telephone: (800) 518-7901

Crown Attorney’s Office, Scarborough

1911 Eglinton Ave. East
Scarborough, ON
M1L 4P4
Telephone: (416) 325-0342

Youth Criminal Court, Toronto

311 Jarvis St.
Toronto, ON
M5B 2C4

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a defence lawyer cost in Scarborough?

    It’s impossible to give a broad answer to that. It varies case-by-case, depending on the charge, the evidence the Crown has, what your desired outcome is, etc. A provincial offence handled by a paralegal in a short period of time costs less than months of preparation for a major criminal trial by a team of lawyers. We recommend you contact us for a free 30-minute consultation to let us learn more about your case and expectations, that way we can provide you with a cost.

  • What if I can’t afford a lawyer in Scarborough?

    We recognize that often when you’re in the midst of a criminal charge you may also be in the midst of financial hardships. That’s why we offer our interest free payment plan, so that you can make small installment payments over a long period of time, rather than needing to pay your entire legal fee upfront.

    For further assistance with legal fees, contact a legal aid clinic or consider applying for the Ontario Legal Aid Program.

  • I can’t make it to a meeting in Scarborough before 5:00 p.m., can we do a consultation outside business hours?

    While our hours of operation are 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday, we recognize that scheduling conflicts, travel difficulties, and legal barriers, can prevent you from meeting with us for a consultation. If something is preventing you from meeting at our office during our business hours call us to let us know, we would be happy to accommodate you. We would rather hear about your case by telephone than not get the chance to hear from you at all.

  • I am worried my case cannot be won. Is there even a point to hiring a lawyer?

    Yes, don’t panic about the difficulty of your case. Our team has successfully defended clients charged with a full range of offences, from provincial traffic infractions to impaired driving causing death. The Crown must meet a heavy burden to convict– they need to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. We can create that reasonable doubt by having evidence obtained in violation of your rights deemed inadmissible or by finding inconsistencies in witness testimony, just to name a few methods. If you contact us for a free 30-minute consultation our lawyers will give you a realistic explanation of the outcomes that can be reached in your case.

  • I work during the day and can’t make it to my court appearances in Scarborough, what do I do?

    Once you’ve hired a lawyer, they can appear on your behalf for most of your court dates. Things like adjourning your case while we negotiate with the Crown don’t require you to be in the court room. If there is a day you need to be in court we’ll let you know in advance.

  • Can I get an Interlock ignition installed on my vehicle in Scarborough?

    Yes! You visit one of the following businesses to have an Interlock ignition installed:

    Visions Electronics
    33 William Kitchen Road, Unit J6
    Scarborough, ON
    M1P 5B7

    Speedy Glass
    1371 Kennedy Road
    Scarborough, ON
    M1P 2L7

  • Is there anywhere near your Scarborough office to get lunch?

    Directly across the street from our building you’ll find plenty of restaurants, including Chinese food, noodles, and BBQ.

Interesting Facts about Scarborough

The Toronto Zoo, located in Scarborough, often houses Giant Pandas.

The escarpment of the Scarborough Bluffs is over 100 meters above Lake Ontario and runs for over 15 kilometers along the edge of the lake.

Scarborough is home to Ontario’s first community college, Centennial, which opened in 1966.

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