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Under 18 Sexting Laws
April 1, 2022

Underage “Sexting” Rules

Those under 18 who engage in sexting could be found guilty of child pornography-related offences under section 163.1 of the Criminal Code.
December 1, 2020

Your Revenge Porn Charges Journey From Start to Finish

Imagine you find yourself being arrested for revenge porn. How did you get here? And where will you go from here?
September 6, 2020

Revenge Porn Charges in Kingston

It is a very serious criminal offence if intimate images are circulated or made public without the subject’s consent.
September 3, 2020

How Using Social Media Can Lead To Criminal Law Problems

The use of social media leading to run-ins with the law demonstrates how even though you are talking behind a screen, you are still responsible for your actions. It’s common for social media users to say or send a lot of things they usually wouldn’t in real life. There is a false perception that whatever you say online, it can’t be traced or used against you.
Video By Criminal Lawyers At Aitken Robertson
August 31, 2020

Pornography Offences: Intimate Image Penalties & Defences

Philip Stiles, criminal lawyer, discusses the penalties and defences to the charge of distribution of intimate images.
August 29, 2020

How Texts and Emails May Help or Hurt Your Sexual Assault Trial

The use of texts and emails in sexual assault trials demonstrates how important these forms of communication can be in trials that often depend on the credibility of the witnesses.
July 12, 2020

Revenge Porn Charges in Peterborough

If you’ve been charged with the publication of an intimate image without consent in Peterborough, you are facing extremely serious legal repercussions.
May 24, 2020

Common Defences to Child Pornography Charges

Imagine one day the police are at your door with a warrant. A Justice of the Peace has authorized law enforcement to search your house and seize all electronic devices capable of connecting to the internet. You're questioned and then quickly placed under arrest for possession and transmission of child pornography.
May 3, 2020

Charged with a “Child Pornography” Related Offence in Kingston?

Under section 163.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada it is illegal for any person to create, possess, publish, distribute, and or transmit any photos, films, or other visual representations that depict those under the age of 18 years of age engaging in sexually explicit acts.
Video By Criminal Lawyers At Aitken Robertson
March 11, 2020

Pornography Offences: Penalties of Child Pornography

Philip Stiles, criminal lawyer, briefly explains the penalties for child pornography charges.