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Drug Charges In Ontario
April 19, 2019

Travelling with Cannabis in Canada: The Dos and Don’ts

With the recent legalization of cannabis there has been much confusion amongst the public surrounding the regulation of marijuana in Ontario. One area in particular has caused a lot of trouble for both law enforcement and citizens alike; travelling with cannabis.
Drug Charges In Ontario
April 10, 2019

Drug Charges in Cornwall – What to do Next?

Are you facing drug charges in Cornwall? If that is the case, you have every right to be worried about what happens next. However, your fears can be significantly lessened with the help of a lawyer from Aitken Robertson’s law firm.
Drug Charges In Ontario
April 6, 2019

Drug Charges in Cornwall – What are my Options?

Don’t panic. That is what we are here for. The lawyers at Aitken Robertson are equipped to tackle drug charges across Ontario.
Drug Charges In Ontario
April 2, 2019

What to do if Facing Drug Related Criminal Charges in Cornwall?

If you are facing drug charges, you may be looking at severe penalties and this can even include a lengthy prison sentence. One of the first steps you should take is find a criminal defence lawyer at the earliest opportunity.
Drug Charges In Ontario
March 21, 2019

Yes – Weed is Legal in Canada Now – BUT what is still Illegal about it?

The day that cannabis became legalized was certainly a memorable day, but with this notable news came many questions for Canadians.
Drug Charges In Ontario
March 1, 2019

The Privacy Problem with Pot: Who knows about your spending habits?

Not surprisingly, many people could be negatively affected if their personal consumer data was leaked and ended up revealing frequent cannabis purchases.
Drug Charges
February 28, 2019

Cannabis and the Border: What you need to know.

Although cannabis has been fully legalized in Canada, it is important to remember that not all of the countries we interact with view the substance in the same way.
Drug Charges In Ontario
February 8, 2019

Insurance Consequences for Legal and Illegal Grow-Ops

If you own a rental property, you might be concerned that your tenants are operating a grow-op on your premises. In fact, rental properties are common targets for obvious reasons.
Drug Charges In Ontario
December 4, 2018

Why was I charged? The drugs were not even mine!

If you happen to be at a party and it is raided for drugs and a lot of drugs are found, even if the drugs are not yours, even if you did not even know about them, it is highly likely that you will be charged. The chances increase if you also happen to be the person owning the home or on the lease as it is assumed that you have control over the premises.