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Cops And Robbers And The Criminal Code Of Canada
November 3, 2020

Cops and Robbers and the Criminal Code of Canada

Robbery, theft, and burglary, is there a difference? Believe it or not, they are three distinct crimes with a few key differences.

Theft Charges In Peterborough
February 5, 2020

Theft Charges In Peterborough

Possible defences to a theft charge in Peterborough and surrounding areas include necessity, mistake of fact, or accident. What does this mean in a real life scenario?

Theft Charges Ontario
January 30, 2020

Charged with Theft – What Do I Need to Know?

How does the law define theft? That is the starting point to help you understand the criminal offence of theft under Canadian law.

Mischief Charges Explained In Peterborough
January 22, 2020

Mischief Charges Explained In Peterborough

To commit mischief you must wilfully, destroy or damage property, render property useless, dangerous, inoperative or ineffective, or obstruct, interrupt or interfere with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property.

Break And Enter Offences
January 4, 2020

Break and Enter Offences

This blog is intended to provide an overview of the Criminal Code offence of Break and Enter.

Is The Porridge Really Worth It? A Look At The Criminal Offence Of Breaking And Entering
December 4, 2019

Is the Porridge Really Worth It? A Look at the Criminal Offence of Breaking and Entering

While Goldilocks is lucky that she did not end up behind bars, the rest of us may not fare so well. Breaking and entering is a serious criminal offence. If you are found guilty and convicted of this offence, the punishment is dire and the consequences life altering. So, is it worth the porridge? Probably not, because most of us are not guaranteed a fairy tale ending.

Charges Related To Home Invasion And Potential Defences
September 23, 2019

Charges Related to Home Invasion and Potential Defences

If you have been charged with home invasion, we are here to help. This blog will give you an idea of how hiring a criminal defence lawyer from Aitken Robertson can make the difference in your case.

Taking A Motor Vehicle Without Consent
August 29, 2019

Taking a Motor Vehicle Without Consent

If you borrow your friend’s car, could you go to jail? To put it simply the answer to this question is yes, you can be charged with a serious criminal offence.

What Is Public Mischief And How Serious Is A Public Mischief Charge?
August 23, 2019

What is Public Mischief and How Serious Is a Public Mischief Charge?

Public mischief is a distinct form of mischief that involves falsely reporting crimes to the police resulting in unnecessary investigations, wasted public resources, and sometimes, criminal charges being laid against innocent third parties.

What Can You Tell Me About Identity Theft?
August 22, 2019

What Can You Tell Me About Identity Theft?

To make out the offence of identity theft, the Crown would have to prove that the accused possessed another person’s personal information, without authorization, with the clear intentions of improperly using the information to commit an illegal act such as deceit or fraud.

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