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Video Call No-contact
June 14, 2021

Can I video-call someone if I am under a no-contact order?

Sometimes when an individual is released on bail, on probation, or given a conditional sentence, they are told not to communicate or be in the presence of certain people.
November 5, 2019

I Accidentally Breached My No Contact Order… What Will Happen to Me?

In Ontario a no contact order is legally binding document issued by the court or police that prevents the accused from contacting the victim/witness in a case and/or their immediate family and friends. There are many instances when a no contact order may be put in place with respect to the Criminal Code of Canada.
June 12, 2018


In criminal law “breach” is a broad term used to describe a situation where a person was under some kind of court or police order to do or not do something, and then went and did or didn’t do that thing.