“I work as a brick layer and my truck is important to my line of work.  I was charged with operating a motor vehicle with over 80mg [of alcohol] in 2016. I decided to get a lawyer to help save my licence and my friend Coreen, who is a paralegal, recommended Richard Aitken to help my case.  I was hoping to get it reduced to a careless but it was not offered.  Because of that, I decided to take it to trial.  At trial, the judge found that the police didn’t give me my breath demand as soon as they could or my right to counsel. As well, the police did not properly assist me in calling a lawyer from the station.  Because my rights were breached, the judge would not consider my breath reading so I won my case. Even though Mr. Aitken’s office was four hours away, he did not charge me for mileage or travel time.  He offered monthly payment plans which helped me out a lot. Mr. Aitken was very professional and always explained the outcome and procedure with me throughout the case.” –C.N.