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Old City Hall Toronto

Old City Hall Courthouse Location

60 Queen Street West
Toronto ON
M5H 2M4

Old City Hall Courthouse Hours

Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm.

Old City Hall Court House Phone and Fax Numbers

Criminal - Ontario Court of Justice


Ontario Victims Services Secretariat

Phone: 416-327-5959
Fax: 416-327-7630

Crown Attorney

Phone: 416-327-6064
Fax: 416-327-6068

Accessibility Site Coordinator

Phone: 416-327-5622

Useful Information About The Old City Hall Courthouse

Public Transit / TTC

The courthouse is located on Queen Street West between two stations on the Yonge, University and Spadina (Yellow) Line.

Riders coming south from Downsview or north west from Union will stop at Osgoode Station (250 University Ave) and proceed east along the north side of Queen street.

Riders coming south from finch and north east from Union will stop at Queen Station (171 Yonge Street)

Note: The Yonge, University and Spadina Line (Yellow) can be accessed from the Bloor-Danforth Line (Green) at Bloor Station on the east side of the line and St. George and Spadina on the west side. The Yonge, University and Spadina Line (Yellow) can be accessed from the Sheppard Line (Purple) at Sheppard Station.

The courthouse can also be accessed using above ground public transit. The 6 (Bay Street Bus), 501 (Queen Streetcar), and the 502 (Downtowner Streetcar) all make stops at the courthouse.

Where To Park

Parking is available nearby.

Green P Parking -110 Queen Street West (Nathan Phillips Square) (416) 393-7348

Unit Park– 145 Queen Street West (416) 955-0535 (located west of the courthouse on Queen Street)

Standard Parking– 206 Simcoe Street (416) 340-1781 (located north west of the courthouse on Simcoe Street)

Allpark Parking– 182 Victoria Street (416) 360-0848 (located north east of the courthouse on Victoria Street)

Where To Eat

The Eaton Center is a block east of the courthouse on Queen Street. The Eaton Center’s food court is home to over 24 outlets.

In addition, there are a number of restaurants located within the vicinity of the court house. An excellent choice is Bannock, located directly across from the courthouse on the Southside of Queen Street.

There is a coffee shop located on the ground floor (lower level) of the courthouse.

At The Old City Hall Courthouse


The 2nd floor or main floor of the courthouse can be accessed from the entrance on the north side of Queen Street. Once you have entered through the main doors, you must proceed up the stairs and through the security.

There is an additional entrance on Albert Street. This entrance will enable you to access the first or ground floor of the building.

Lower Level / Ground Floor

Can be accessed through the Albert Street entrance or from the stairway to the right of the security checkpoint at the main entrance (Adjacent to the Salvation Army’s office).

This floor contains from right to left: court rooms 103 and 102, the Mental Health Support Program, offices of the court interpreters, the Springboard Diversion Program, the Ontarion Court of Justice offices for accounting, enforcement and appeals.

Note: The lower level contains the municipal (Toronto) prosecutor’s offices and the municipal court services offices.

Floor One

After passing through security.

To the right are: Courtrooms 117,116,114,112 and 111. This is also the location of the Drug Treatment Court, the Toronto Bail Program, and the Salvation Army. There is also a pop machine located at the end of the hallway.

To the left: Court services desk, offices of the justices of the peace, offices of the crown, office for the police.

Second Floor

Proceed up the stairs behind the main (Queen Street Entrance) security checkpoint.

This floor is the location from right to left of: Court rooms 121,122, Domestic and Child Abuse office, Legal Aid, Trial Coordinators Office, Court rooms 126 and 128, Duty Counsel’s offices, Early Resolution Court, court room 125, 124 and 123, and the office’s of the provincial prosecutor.

Third Floor

This floor is the location of courtrooms A-R, the offices for probation and parole, the Native Court Worker’s office, Crown Subpoena offices, and the Victim and Witness Assistance Program.

Fun Facts About Old City Hall (Toronto)
  • Old City Hall first opened its doors in 1899, it was originally constructed to serve as Toronto’s third city hall.
  • When it opened, Old City Hall was the largest municipal building in North America.
  • Old City Hall was declared a National Historic Site by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada in 1989.
  • The building is sometimes used to film movies and television shows, such as This is Wonderland, Flashpoint, Street Legal, Covert Affairs, and Dirty Pictures. Interiors of the space can be seen in the trial scenes near the end of the 1999 film The Boondock Saints.
  • The clock tower soars 300 feet into the air, it is home to a gigantic bell known as “Big Ben”, which weighs in at more than 11,000 pounds.
  • Its architect, E.J. Lennox, is often called “the Builder of Toronto”.
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