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If you follow a vehicle more closely than is reasonable without having due regard for the speed of the vehicle, the traffic on the roadway and the conditions of the highway, you may be charged under s. 158 of the Highway Traffic Act.

On conviction (including a guilty plea), you will be subject to the general penalty provision under the Highway Traffic Act, which is a fine between $60 and $500.

The overall penalties are set up in the following table:

Conviction Penalties
Demerit Points Fine
Follow too Close 4 Between $60 and $500

Four (4) demerit points will be added to your driving record. You may lose your licence, if your demerit points reach 15. For detailed information, please refer to the “Demerit Point System”.

The conviction will be kept on your driving record for at least three (3) years. Your insurance premiums could be increased for several years. For information about how traffic tickets impact your insurance, please refer to the section “Insurance Premiums”.

  • It is always recommended to fight the charge. For strict liability offences, such as “Follow too Close”, there is always the defence of due diligence available. For possible general defences, please refer to the section “General Defences for Traffic Tickets”.
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