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Newmarket DUI Lawyers Fight Impaired Driving Charges

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Criminal Charge in Newmarket?
Charged with impaired driving, DUI or another criminal offences?

Don’t Delay! Call us to book a free 30 minute consultation with one of the knowledgeable criminal lawyers at Aitken Robertson.

We believe that you deserve the best criminal defence. We are here to help you fight your charges.

Newmarket Meeting Place

17075 Leslie Street, Unit # 6 & 7
Newmarket, ON

1-800-668-1657 or 905-830-3904

newmarket criminal law office
Newmarket Meeting Place at 17075 Leslie St. Unit #6 & 7 Newmarket, ON L3Y 8E1
How We Can Help Fight The Charges at the Newmarket Courthouse
  • Impaired Driving: including operate motor vehicle over 80, impaired operation of a motor vehicle, refuse or fail to provide a breath sample, impaired by drugs, impaired operation of a vessel, drinking and driving.
  • Other Driving Offences: including dangerous driving, criminal negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle, drive prohibited, driving while suspended, stunt driving, careless driving, speeding, and driving without insurance.
  • Domestic Assault: including peace bonds, breach of recognizance, threatening charges.
  • Sex Assault: including rape, aggravated sexual assault, sexual touching, sexual exploitation.
  • Criminal Harassment: including stalking charges.
  • Bail Hearings: including acting as a surety, bail estreatment, bail hearings for all criminal and drug charges, bail appeals (reviews).
  • Young Offenders: including all criminal, drug, and traffic charges, diversion, and extra judicial sanctions.
  • Drug Offences: including possession, trafficking, possession for the purpose, cultivation, production, importing.
  • Theft: including theft over, theft under, shoplifting, diversion of charges.
  • Frauds: including fraud over, fraud under, white collar crime, diversion of charges.
  • Mischief: including mischief under and mischief over, mischief endangering life.
  • Criminal Appeals: appeals against verdict, appeals against sentence.
Newmarket Courthouse
Newmarket Courthouse

Newmarket Courthouse Location

50 Eagle Street West
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 6B1

Newmarket Courthouse Hours

Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 5.00 pm.

Newmarket Court House Phone and Fax Numbers

Superior Court of Justice

Civil 905-853-4809
Criminal 905-853-4801
Divisional 905-853-4809
Enforcement 905-853-4809
Family 905-853-4809
Small Claims 905-853-4809

Ontario Victims Services Secretariat

Phone: 905-853-4818
Fax: 905-853-4883

Ontario Court of Justice

Criminal Youth 905-853-4801
Criminal 905-853-4801

Crown Attorney

Phone: 905-853-4800
Fax: 905-853-4849

Accessibility Site Coordinator

905-853-4855 ext 6275

Useful Information About The Newmarket Courthouse

Go Transit

Newmarket is served by both the GO Transit Bus and Train lines.


The Newmarket Train Station is serviced by the Toronto-Barrie Line. There are 7 trains south towards Toronto’s Union Station in the morning and 7 trains north towards Barrie in the afternoon.

The station is located at the North East corner of Davis Drive and Main Street.

The station is serviced by both York Region Transit and GO Transit. To get from the train station to the court house you can utilize either service.

Where To Park

Parking is available on site. Proceed Westbound on Eagle Street, the entrance is after Yonge Street. Upon entering the complex stay to the right and you will enter the parking area.

Where To Eat

There is a McDonalds located at the North East corner of Yonge and Eagle Street

There is a Pickle Barrel Restaurant located on the East Side of Yonge Street, just North of Eagle Street. The Pickle Barrel is a family friendly restaurant and bar.

There is a coffee shop/cafeteria located on the ground floor (lower level) of the courthouse.

At The Newmarket Courthouse


The 2nd floor or main floor of the courthouse can be accessed from the main entrance to the courthouse. The entrance is on the West Side of the building complex, the side furthest from Yonge Street. The entrance is situated to the East of the parking area and can be reached by following one of the paved paths from the parking lot to the building.

Lower Level / Basement

Can be accessed by taking the stairs directly in front of the main entrance. This stairway will be on your left hand side once you have proceeded through security.

This floor contains: court rooms 100-108, Court Services (Across from 106), Court Reporters Office, Male, Female and Handicap Washrooms (Located Across from 107 and Beside 106)

Third Floor

This floor is the location Court rooms 301-305, The York Region Law Association, Court Support Office, and Male, Female, and Handicap washrooms.

Main Floor

After passing through security.

This floor contains: Courtrooms 200-205, Male, Female (With Changing Facilities), and Handicap Washrooms (Across from 204). Legal Aid is located at the end of the first floor corridor, opposite the main entrance. The Crown’s office is located across from 202. The York Regional Police office is across from 201. The Family Law Information Center is the first right after security. The Victim Witness Assistance Program is beside 203.

Fourth Floor

This floor is the location of Court rooms 401-405, Male, Female, and Hanicap washrooms across from room 405, and the Regional Managers Office.

Fun Facts About Newmarket
  • York Region is the fastest growing census division in Ontario and the third fastest in Canada.
  • It’s forecasted York Region’s population will reach 1.5 million people by 2031.
  • In 2013, Newmarket was named one of the 10 best places to live in Canada by MoneySense Magazine
  • Five major films have been filmed in Newmarket in the last five years. These include Regression (2015), Carrie (2013), The Vow (2012), Dream House (2011), Repo Men (2010) and Flashpoint (2010).

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