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Office Manager

Ms. Driscoll is the firm’s office manager, holding the task of overseeing both internal and external interactions between clients and our support staff, lawyers, and paralegals.  When she isn’t managing our staff and files, she serves as an advocate for Mr. Aitken and his clients in the city of Oshawa.

Ms. Driscoll is probably the single most important team member.  Nothing is done within, and between, our offices without her knowing about it.  She has worked alongside Mr. Aitken since the birth of Aitken Robertson, with nearly 30 years of dedicated service. Arguably, she can be qualified as an expert when it comes to day to day operations of a criminal defence firm. From administrative tasks to managing client and staff expectations, from advocacy to organizational skills – Ms. Driscoll has seen and heard it all when it comes to running a successful criminal defence firm.

When she is not working the long hours that has been required of her over the course of her career, she enjoys social gatherings with friends and loves spending time with her granddaughters.

Since Madeline’s husband is now retired, they’ve purchased a winter get-away home in Florida and visit for a few months each year. However, even from Florida Madeline still manages the Aitken Robertson offices via calls and emails to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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