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Aitken Roberston Criminal Law Office in Lindsay

Serving Lindsay, The City of Kawartha Lakes, and the Surrounding Areas

189 Kent Street West, Suite 218
Lindsay, ON
K9V 5G6

Charged with impaired driving, DUI or another criminal offences?

Don’t Delay! Call us to book a free 30 minute consultation with one of the knowledgeable criminal lawyers at Aitken Robertson.

We believe that you deserve the best criminal defence. We are here to help you fight your charges.

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Our team of criminal lawyers at Aitken Robertson represents clients charged in the Lindsay area and all of the Kawarthas.

We offer a free initial consultation, flexible weekend and evening hours, and reasonable payments plans with no interest costs. We do not bill clients for travel expenses.

After accepting your case, through careful examination of the facts, we will establish whether there are grounds to have your charges dismissed for legal or technical reasons. We will also determine if there has been a violation of your rights guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms. A thorough investigation can mean the difference between:

  • having the charges dropped or going to trial;
  • receiving a guilty verdict or a not-guilty verdict;
  • a poor plea bargain, or
  • a favourable one.

Some of our lawyers are trained Breath Techs, which allows great insight into the proper operation of breath testing instruments in drinking and driving cases.

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Please note that the submission of this form does not mean that we are your retained lawyer. This is a form establishing preliminary information regarding the scheduling of a free, 30-minute consultation.

Criminal Lawyers Providing Legal Services From Our Lindsay Office

Richard Aitken - Criminal Lawyer

Richard Aitken

The conversation I have with a potential client is pretty simple; I promise I will do my best. I will devote my time to improve your chances, and to win where I can.
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lavinia inbar - criminal lawyer

Lavinia Inbar

Ms. Inbar has practised primarily in the areas of administrative and criminal law and has taught law at the college and university level. She has practised “poverty law” in the community legal clinic system and criminal defence both in private practice and as duty counsel. Ms. Inbar has represented clients on Legal Aid criminal law certificates, including Gladue panel certificates (for Indigenous defendants).
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Phil Stiles

Philip Stiles

As a former crown prosecutor, Mr. Philip Stiles brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Aitken Robertson team. Taking on files in Peterborough, the Kawarthas, and Oshawa, Mr. Stiles serves as counsel to those charged with criminal offences.
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The Lindsay Courthouse

Lindsay Courthouse Location

440 Kent Street West
Lindsay, ON

Duty counsel and the Crown Attorney’s Office are also in this building.

Lindsay Courthouse Phone Numbers

Main number: 705-324-1400 (Other court offices can be accessed using the voice prompts and menu.)
Crown Attorney’s Office: 705-324-1420

Lindsay Courthouse Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Where To Park

If you are arriving by car, there is ample parking at the Lindsay Courthouse surrounding the entire building. Parking is free during court hours.

Where To Eat

There are many restaurants and fast food chains down Kent Street West. Unfortunately if you are not travelling by car, Kent Street is not only too busy to cross safely, but many of the restaurants are quite the distance from the Courthouse.

If you suspect you’ll be at Court most of the day, it may be best to bring some snacks or a lunch. There is one vending machine located in the front lobby, but not much more to sustain your hunger.


There are various entrances at the Lindsay Courthouse, but the main entrance faces the street and is easily distinguishable from the rest. If you are attending Lindsay Court for your first appearance, it is best to enter through this door since first appearances which are almost always held on Thursdays, are typically in Courtroom 1 which is directly right of the main entrance.

Lindsay Courthouse can be difficult to navigate if you have never been, but the administrative staff is friendly and helpful.

Additional Information

Lindsay Court begins at 9:30am for criminal matters and 9:00am for POA matters.

All Lindsay matters (including Superior Court matters) are heard at the 440 Kent Street West location. On some occasions, Peterborough and Cobourg matters will also be held in Lindsay Court, depending on court availability.

Recently, all POA matters from the Haliburton region have been moved to the Lindsay Courthouse. Some criminal matters from the Minden Courthouse will also be traversed to the Lindsay Courthouse depending on the status of the file. The Lindsay Crown Attorneys also service the Minden area, so the two are easily interchangeable.

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