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Video By Criminal Lawyers At Aitken Robertson

Lawyer Confidentiality

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Kingston criminal lawyer  explains the importance of lawyer confidentiality, and lawyer-client privilege. Quite often, our clients leave out tiny bits of information that they themselves deem as being irrelevant or unimportant. However, when it comes to building your defence and successfully defend your criminal charges, no detail is too small and everything matters.

Lawyer Confidentiality – Transcript

In the context of confidentiality and sensitive information that you tell me, people are often nervous about what they say to me and I would say “I’m your lawyer, you need to tell me everything.”

I need to know everything, I need to know the details that you don’t think are important because they may be important from a legal perspective. So, everyone in my office is bound by confidentiality, I’m bound by lawyer-client privilege.

There are some particular rules according to the Law Society where I could breach that privilege, but the rules do say “may”. Ultimately, anything you say to me you can trust will stay with me, and no buts about it.


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