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Kingston Criminal Law Offices

We Defend All Criminal Law Charges.

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Kingston Criminal Law Office

Aitken Robertson
2263 Princess Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7M 3G1

Aitken Robertson Criminal Law Office in Kingston

Aitken Robertson has over 35 years of history defending those accused by the Crown and police of criminal acts, including:

  • drinking and driving,
  • sexual assault,
  • domestic assault,
  • other assaults,
  • drug offences,
  • highway traffic act charges, and
  • more.

With decades of collective experience across our team of lawyers in Ontario, our Kingston office offers their service to:

  • Kingston,
  • Picton,
  • Prince Edward County,
  • Belleville,
  • Napanee,
  • Brockville, and
  • Cornwall.

Aitken Robertson is proud to have been located in and servicing the City of Kingston since March 2010. Richard Aitken is a standing member of the Kingston Criminal Defence Lawyers’ Association, and the firm is an encouraging supporter of Queen’s Faculty of Law, sponsoring the 2019 Orientation Week for the class of 2022.

Our firm prides itself in maintaining an affordable approach to legal defence. First, we insist upon a predicable flat fee billing method, as opposed to hourly billing methods. This means we’ll be up front about the cost of the case from the very beginning, rather than accruing hours throughout the case and giving you the bill at the end. We also provide an interest free payment plan, so that you can pay your legal fees over time instead of all at once.

Located in the Limestone Professional Building ( ‘the Beamish House’) at 2263 Princess St., our Kingston office houses two of our lawyers.

What One of Our Kingston Clients Has Said About Us

What One of Our Kingston Clients Has Said About Us

I was facing an Over 80 charge. They said I was twice the legal limit. I had a prior impaired conviction 5 or 6 years ago. My career and lifestyle were on the line. After meeting with three other lawyers, I was referred to Richard. I received immediate respect, hope and confidence. Richard and his team seemed to have the Crown on their heels from the outset. I must say I was maybe not a perfect client either. I came away from this experience with a lesson learned and a perfect driving record. All charges dropped.

–Aitken Robertson Client

Our Team In Kingston

Richard Aitken - Criminal Lawyer

Richard Aitken

Lawyer and Founder
Lawyer and company founder Richard J. Aitken handles cases in several jurisdictions, and assists with our Kingston office.  Mr. Aitken has been practicing law for over three decades with an emphasis on drinking and driving offences.

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Virginia Dolinska - Criminal Lawyer Ottawa

Virginia Dolinska

Lawyer Virginia Dolinska completed her articling year after law school with Aitken Robertson and joined the team as a lawyer afterword. A graduate of the University of Ottawa for both her undergraduate double major in criminology and history and law school, Virginia works both in the Kingston and Ottawa areas.

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Julie Belaire

Julie Belaire

Law Clerk
Law clerk Julie Belaire has worked as a law clerk since graduating, taking some temp jobs to learn as much as she could in different areas of law, finally settling in criminal law, and ultimately joining Aitken Robertson in September 2019.

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Kingston Area Criminal Law Resources

Kingston Legal Aid Clinic

If you are unable to obtain legal services financially, Kingston Legal Aid Clinic offers free legal services to residents of Kingston.

345 Bagot St
Kingston, ON
K7K 6T8
Telephone: (613) 541-4978
Fax: 1-613-547-4978

Queens Legal Aid

Residents of Kingston, Napanee, and the surrounding area, benefit from an additional legal aid clinic offered by Queens Universities Faculty of Law.

303 Bagot St, Suite 500
Kingston, ON
K7K 5W7
Telephone: (613) 533-2102
Fax: (613) 533-6890

Traffic Ticket Court

If you have questions or concerns about a traffic ticket, contact the Kingston Provincial Offences Court.

362 Montreal St,
Kingston, ON
K7K 3H5
Telephone: (613) 547-8557
Fax: (613) 547-8558

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get an Interlock Ignition installed in Kingston?

    You certainly can! If your case requires you to have an Interlock Ignition installed on your vehicle you can contact ALCOLOCK at 940 Gardiners Road, Kingston. You can also phone them at (613) 384-0946.

  • Is there parking near the Kingston Criminal Court?

    There absolutely is. Kingston’s Criminal Court is located at 279 Wellington St. Across the street, next to the Food Basics, is a public lot. If you don’t have change to pay for your ticket download the app Honk and enter the 4 digit number on the payment machine in the lot. That way you can pay by debit or credit card.

  • I live in Prince Edward County and can’t make it to Kingston. Can we do the consultation over the phone?

    We can definitely do consultations over the phone.

  • I work late most days. Will I still be able to meet with a lawyer?

    Of course. While our Kingston office is typically open between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., our lawyers understand that with work, school, and family obligations, it may not always be possible to meet during our standard hours. If you require a time accommodation, contact the office and we’ll find a date and time that works for both you and your lawyer.

  • My legal fees are too expensive for me to pay all at once. What do I do?

    Legal fees can be a bit on the expensive side, and we understand that it’s not always feasible for someone to pay for it all as a lump sum. That’s why we offer an interest free payment plan, which allows us to customize how you’ll make your payments to suit your financial situation. This way you’ll be able to make several smaller payments in order to keep the fee manageable while not sacrificing quality legal service.

  • I want to know the odds we’re going to win my case.

    That’s hard to answer as we don’t know all the details of your case. If you meet with us for a free 30-minute consultation we can discuss the specifics of your case and give you a better understanding of the kinds of outcomes you’ll be looking at.

  • Do I need to be in court?

    Once you’ve signed to paperwork declaring us your representative, you won’t have to miss work to attend court (for the most part). There may be certain situations where your presence is required, like if the case goes to trial, but for the majority of the administrative work that has to be done we can take care of it for you. You’re always welcome to come in with us, but unless we tell you it’s necessary you’re usually fine letting us speak in your place.

Recent Cases in Kingston

peace bond
Case Study: Domestic Assault x2 & Mischief Under x2 – Charges Withdrawn
After multiple complaints to police made by Mr. H.’s spouse, charges of domestic assault and mischief were laid. The allegations consisted of Mr. H. damaging the complainant’s property as well as pushing his wife, grabbing her by the throat and choking. Additionally, the allegations were that the assaults took place while Ms. H. was pregnant.
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harassing text messages
Case Study: Domestic Assault x3, Criminal Harassment, Mischief Under & Theft Under – Charges Withdrawn
After a review of all disclosure materials with Mr. C. it was evident that the complainant came forward with false allegations.
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resist arrest withdrawn
Case Study: Charges Withdrawn – Resist Arrest, Assault Police Officer
We did not want to put our senior client through the stress of a trial. We got both charges withdrawn and our client kept his spotless criminal record.
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impaired driving over 80
Case Study: Impaired, Over 80
Kingston Police charged Mr. N. with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and operate a motor vehicle with more than 80 mg of alcohol in 100 ml of blood.
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voyeurism charges
Case Study: Charge Withdrawn – Voyeurism
Our client faced a criminal record and a jail sentence, but had hopes of studying law. Our client obtained a peace bond and charges were withdrawn.
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multiple charges
Dangerous Driving, Over 80 Causing Bodily Harm, Impaired Operation Causing Bodily Harm, Assault with a Weapon & Breach of Recognizance – Plea Bargain
After a number of discussions with the Crown Attorney and a number of Judicial Pre-Trials, the Crown agreed to amend the Mr. H.’s charges and withdraw others. Mr. H. entered a plea of guilty to Over 80, simple assault and breach. All other charges were withdrawn.
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arson charges withdrawn
Case Study: Charge Withdrawn – Arson
The objective was to establish doubts in the evidence presnted by the Crown, and have the charges withdrawn. This was done successfully.
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punishment for assault
Case Study: Assault with a Weapon (Knife) and Possession of a Weapon Dangerous to Public – Charges Withdrawn
We took advantage of all available avenues and in the end, after multiple meetings with the Crown, we were able to have the charges withdrawn.
Learn More

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