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Justin Marchand
Recent Successes

“It isn’t enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box.” – Tim Ferriss


Education Call to the Bar, Ontario, 2015

B.A., Dalhousie University (History), 2010

J.D., Western University, 2014

Mr. Marchand completed his articles with one of the top DUI lawyers (and competitor of Aitken Robertson), before he decided to become a member of the AR team.

Mr. Marchand practices in all areas of criminal law, but he focuses on drinking and driving related allegations. In March of 2016, Mr. Marchand and the team at Aitken Robertson attended a specialized training course in New Orleans with some of the most prestigious and renowned DUI attorneys and experts in North America. The subject of the conference was the scientific workings of the Intoxilyzer 8000 – the breath-testing instrument used by officers to calculate an individual’s blood alcohol level.

Mr. Marchand comprehensively reviews a client’s situation, including all of their disclosure, with a view to exposing errors in police investigations, as well as the use of unwarranted and intrusive investigative techniques. These findings often form the basis for trial litigation, and a significant portion of Mr. Marchand’s practice is conducting trials in the Ontario Court of Justice.

Trial litigation of drinking and driving charges typically involves constitutional litigation. Mr. Marchand files dozens of applications a year on behalf of his clients, to exclude evidence obtained in a manner that infringed his clients’ rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Mr. Marchand is routinely successful in getting key evidence excluded as a result of police violations of his clients’ Charter protected rights, including violations of Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. A successful Charter challenge to Crown evidence can result in an acquittal, or greatly improve the chances of acquittal or a favorable outcome at the conclusion of trial.

Mr. Marchand applies his considerable knowledge of constitutional issues to all kinds of situations, including search and seizures of guns and drugs. Other areas of Mr. Marchand’s practice include:

  • Assault, including aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, sexual assault, and assault bodily harm, in various contexts including bar fights, historical allegations of sexual abuse, random encounters, and domestic assault;
  • Fraud, including fraud under $5000.00 and fraud over $5000.00, in various contexts such as allegations of internet fishing fraud, payday loan fraud, as well as fraud against employers;
  • Theft, including theft under $5000.00 and theft over $5000.00, in various contexts such as theft from department stores and theft from employers;
  • Mischief;
  • Breach, such as allegations of breach of recognizance and breach of probation;
If you need a criminal lawyer, Mr. Marchand can meet you for a free, 30 minute consultation to discuss your case. 
Testimonials / Reviews for Mr. Marchand

"I was charged with over 80 and Impaired driving in Toronto for the first time. Me being a Truck Driver, you can imagine how scared i was. I did little research and came across the website for Aitken Robertson more

"I reached out to Aitken Robertson - fight the charges - when I was charged with fraud under $5,000.  I was introduced to my lawyer, Justin Marchand.  With Justin's help, I was capable of paying the full restitution fee more

“I was facing four separate charges: Over 80mgs, Impaired, Dangerous Driving, and Failure to Remain. As a result of the charges I lost my job. Furthermore, I faced at least a year suspension from driving, fines and a criminal record, more

I believe that my experience with Aitken Robertson was a very good one. I was in a terrible fix and they listened to my story and made me feel a lot less stressed. I appeared for fingerprints once and more

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