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While studying Computer Security at Sir Sandford Fleming College, I discovered my true passion was in the field of criminal law. I completed my paralegal practice hours with Richard Aitken and stayed with the firm full-time. I advocate for the majority of the firm’s provincial offence clients and I assist lawyer’s with preparing their defence strategy.

Recent Summarized Cases

Hi there, my name is Jami. At Aitken Robertson, I currently work as a licensed paralegal while also assisting with the firm’s marketing aspects and research.

As the resident paralegal at Aitken Robertson’s Lindsay office, I handle the majority of the firm’s matters involving the Provincial Offences Act in all courts, from Old City Hall in Toronto to Kingston and beyond. I always fight for good results for our firm’s valued clients.

After working for many years in sales and leadership, I started my education and career in criminal law when I enrolled in 2016 in Sir Sandford Fleming College’s Computer Security and Investigation program. Among the technical courses, I actually found that I enjoyed the legal courses the most. These included courses such as ‘Evidentiary Procedure’ and ‘Cybercrime’, and courses heavy in creative writing such as ‘Managing Technical Projects’ and ‘Reporting Cyber Trends’. After completing four semesters, I switched to the paralegal program and hit the ground running, eventually graduating with honours.

I soon joined Aitken Robertson in October 2018 as a paralegal placement student. My initial duties were creative writing for the marketing department, drafting correspondences to the Ministry of the Attorney General, analyzing transcripts and case studies, and appearing for adjournments and designations of counsel in the Ontario Court of Justice for both criminal and provincial offences. When my placement was completed, I joined the firm as a part-time contract employee, and finally as a full-time employee upon my graduation. I later received my paralegal licence from the Law Society of Ontario.

Outside of work, I consider myself a basketball “lifer.” I also enjoy playing, coaching and watching the game. You’ll often find me playing at any of Peterborough’s outdoor courts with my son and friends.

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-668-1657 today, or fill in a form on our firm’s website to book a free 30-minute consultation.

Jami Sanftleben is a paralegal and is licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.


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