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Behind the Scenes of Internet Sex Crime Charges in Cornwall

While the Internet brought with it extreme efficiency and technological advancement, it also brought with it challenges for Internet users. For example, one may inadvertently stumble across a website that triggers a red flag for the authorities. That is where the role of defence lawyers comes in. Our objective is to provide a defence for your charge(s).

The online experience may not be as safe and as anonymous as you would think. The penalties for Internet sex crimes are severe. Being embarrassed would be the least of someone’s worry if convicted of this crime. It would be facing long-term jail and the stigma attached to the charges.

The government invests a great deal of money to prosecute Internet sex crimes. Accordingly, the Internet is constantly being monitored by law enforcement.

Hiring a lawyer at Aitken Robertson to handle this charge is nothing short of critical. Internet sex crime charges must be handled with extreme caution and care.

An Internet sex crime conviction can be utterly devastating for you and your family. Such a conviction can and most likely will impact your future employment, housing and/or volunteering opportunities, to name a few. You will be required to register as a sex offender and receive on-going psychological counselling. Information regarding an Internet sex crime conviction will be available to the public as well as law enforcement for a long time, and even possibly indefinitely. We all know too well that these days, almost everything requires a criminal record check. You may also lose your licence or certification in certain designated professions, if not all. Suffice it to say, if you are convicted of such charges, a damaged reputation is inevitable.

Charges of child pornography are especially vulnerable to increased penalties. The endless host of problems that come with facing Internet sex crime charges should not be underestimated. That also includes being sentenced to jail for a long time.

So why did we share all of this with you? Well, because we want you to make sure you understand the gravity of the jeopardy you are facing if you are, in fact, charged with Internet sex crime charges. That is where we come in. We will aggressively fight the charges for you.

Our conversation is protected under lawyer-client confidentiality. Everything you tell us will be absolutely safeguarded. In order for us to best tackle your case, it is critical that you provide us with all the information that we require to form your defence. Call our offices and book an appointment at your earliest convenience to understand how we can assist you in your case.



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