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How We Can Help

Free Consultations

We offer a first time free consultation to help you plan your traffic ticket defence. During our consultation, we will explain the charge(s) you receive and possible resolutions.

Meet With Prosecution

We will meet with the prosecution once we are retained and discuss the evidence they have and possible resolutions.

We will make efforts to have the charge(s) withdrawn or reduced by showing insufficiency of the prosecutor’s evidence, errors on the ticket, or a Charter right violation.

We might suggest you plead guilty to a less serious offence only when we believe the prosecution has sufficient evidence to convict you under the original charge.

Court Representation

We will represent you in Court to prove your case when it is necessary.

Find Out More

To find out what will happen with respect of your traffic ticket, please contact us for detailed contact information.

Recent Successes With Traffic Tickets
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Free Criminal Charges Book

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