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How a Payment Plan Works at Aitken Robertson Criminal Law Firm

By Susan Cornett

Here at Aitken Robertson we understand that everyone’s financial situation is different. We therefore take into consideration each individual client’s ability to pay accordingly. We try to make payment of legal fees as painless and easy as we can by offering affordable monthly payment plans to help cover the cost of their file. It should be noted that we do not charge interest on our services and fees.

Typically within the first month after making their initial retainer payment to Aitken Robertson we mail and email out to clients our initial introduction letters.  These letters outline our fees for various legal services. Clients are subsequently contacted by email with the option of entering into a monthly payment plan to help spread out the cost of their fees for the matter for which we are representing them.  We work closely with our clients to come up with an affordable amount to be paid monthly based on each client’s individual financial circumstances.

Typically the average monthly payment plan amount is $500.00 per month but we are flexible and try to keep monthly payments as affordable to each client as we can which is why we encourage clients to enter into a payment plan as soon as possible after their file is opened.  Any monies received from clients are deposited into their respective trust accounts and build up for when they are needed.

Clients are offered the option of paying monthly by credit card payments, either with a MasterCard or Visa card.  We give clients the option of when they make their monthly payment so we offer the option of processing payments on the 15th or the last day of the month so as to try to accommodate clients’ pay schedules.

Another option we offer clients is to pay online through their bank accounts by sending monthly interact e –transfers or by providing our office with a series of postdated cheques. It should be noted that some clients prefer to “pay as they go” which is also encouraged here at Aitken Robertson.

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