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Charged with a DUI in Cornwall? Place your Bet on the Team of Aitken Robertson for Resolution

Let’s face it. No one wants to be facing a criminal charge, let alone, a DUI. If this is your first DUI charge, you will likely be feeling frightened and anxious and understandably so. If this is your second DUI charge, then it is highly advised you seek the assistance of a lawyer. This is because a second DUI charge comes with the very real possibility of jail time.

Why Us?

At Aitken Robertson, the lawyers are trained in the area of DUI to ensure good legal representation. Armed with the knowledge of how breath test machines function, their limitations, and the possible inaccuracies, the lawyers at the firm are able to effectively tackle your case.

What You Must Keep In Mind

It is important that a person charged with a DUI does not voluntarily offer information about the details of their day to the police. According to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, every accused person has the right to remain silent. This protective measure was put in place to ensure an accused person does not self-incriminate. After all, the justice system is structured in such a way that the state has the burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accused person is in fact guilty of the charges laid. Accordingly, if you are currently charged or may in the future be charged with a criminal offence, make sure to exercise your right to silence.

How Can A DUI Charge Be Challenged?

We are glad you asked this question. As a layperson, it is expected that you mistakenly believe once the police have obtained readings of a blood alcohol level of over 0.80 (the legal limit), that you have no way out. Fortunately, that is not necessarily the case. Yes, you heard that right.

The lawyers at Aitken Robertson have the experience and training to challenge the DUI charge in more ways than one. Some of these strategies are too technical to explain here. Just to give you an idea, the machines used to test one’s blood alcohol level has to meet certain procedural and technical requirements, of which, the lawyers are very well aware of. As defence lawyers, we do what it takes to determine whether or not we can expose any deficiencies in the process. If so, we can seek to have the charges withdrawn; this would be the best-case scenario. If this is not possible, we then attempt to obtain the best resolution possible by relying on our negotiation skills. Either way, placing your bet with Aitken Robertson will more likely than not, yield you a positive return.

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