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The Potential Impact of a DUI Conviction on Insurance in Cornwall

Let’s face it – we prefer our money in our pockets rather than paying out high insurance premiums. Understandably, this is an area of major concern for most people, if not all. We already pay insurance companies so much money and one’s first thought upon a DUI conviction becomes, what happens to my insurance?

Information such as a DUI conviction will more often than not be considered necessary to have by insurance companies as they conduct their “risk assessment” to determine your insurance premium. Just because an insurance company does not flat out ask you whether or not you have a DUI conviction is not necessarily a reason to leave out that fact. If you omit this fact and your insurance company later discovers this concealment, they will likely cancel your insurance. In the world of insurance, the lack of transparency can be costly. It does pay to be honest when it comes to your insurance company.

The reality is that insurance companies are a business. They make informed decisions when it comes to insuring people. Yes, there is a real possibility that you may lose your insurance following a DUI conviction, and particularly, if you have more than one. Nevertheless, what you should know is that there are insurance companies that are specialized and cover people with criminal records. Should you find yourself in an uninsurable position, it is best advised you consult with a broker to determine your insurance strategy.

If you do not have a DUI conviction but are just facing DUI charges, then it goes without saying that you should consult with a criminal defence lawyer at the earliest opportunity in an attempt to fight the charges. What you should know is a DUI charge can be beaten with the right set of factual circumstances. You will never know unless you try. Let the lawyers at Aitken Robertson take your matter to court and get you the best result possible in your circumstances.

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