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Drug Offences: Possession of Cannabis

So what are your rights for possession of cannabis? First of all it’s important to make the distinction between federal and provincial legislation. Right now as per the Criminal Code it’s no longer illegal to be in possession of up to 30 grams of cannabis, so long as you’re 18 years or older. Now you have to be careful though because provincially the rules can differ, in the same way they do for alcohol. So for example in Ontario you have to be 19 to possess and buy cannabis legally, so it’s important to look at provincial regulations too. Little things like how far away from buildings you could smoke, for example, you can smoke 9 meters, it’s 9 meters or more away from hospitals, very strict when it comes to playgrounds and schools, it’s 20 meters or more away from any place where children are known to congregate, and that’s provincial legislation. So my word of caution is just because it is decriminalized federally doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clear just to smoke and possess wherever and whenever you feel like it. You also have to look at the provincial legislation too.

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