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Driving Without Insurance in Ontario – Laura’s Story*

Driving Without Insurance in Ontario - Laura’s Story*Laura and her family have been living in their new home for months. She was completely smitten with her new area. It was perfect. Parks, schools, grocery stores, and a shopping mall were nearby.

Before she moved away, she made sure that everything was in order. Everything was packed into their labelled boxes.

Laura also contacted utilities, her bank and other companies she dealt with monthly. She made it her duty to inform them of her new address.

The family had been so busy these past few weeks getting things in order and setting up in their new home. Today, she wanted to make a fantastic meal for everyone. A great meal was in order after ordering out for the past few nights.

She got into her car and headed to the grocery store. As she was about to turn into the parking lot, she seen flashing red lights in her rear-view mirror. A police officer pulled her over and demanded the usual documents.

Laura realized that her insurance was expired, as did the officer when she handed it to him. Laura was confused. She had made an effort to contact all companies to inform them of her move. However, despite her diligence, she forgot about her insurance. Laura received a driving without insurance ticket in Ontario.

What are Some of the Common Reasons for Driving Without Insurance?

Driving without insurance in Ontario is a common occurrence. With the presence of COVID-19, the likelihood of this occurring has heightened.

In many instances, police often assume a driver blatantly chooses to drive without insurance. However, there are very common mishaps that can lead to gaps in insurance coverage.

Most of these reasons are unintentional. For example:

  • A bounced insurance payment
  • Unsuccessful insurance renewal
  • Or, failure to update insurance of a new address

The examples listed are some of the common reasons for an insurance suspension. However, other reasons can apply, such as unknowingly driving another vehicle with no insurance.

In this situation, it is generally the owner of the vehicle that is charged not the driver. Though, the failure to surrender proof of insurance is a charge the driver can face.

In Laura’s case, she was so busy with her move that she forgot to notify her insurance company. As a result of being uninformed, her insurance provider unsuspectingly sent updates for her policy to her old address.

Written information regarding her upcoming renewal was highlighted in these letters. Unfortunately, Laura did not receive them.

Driving Without Insurance in Ontario - Laura’s Story*She had moved before they were issued. However, despite her reason, this mishap resulted in a ticket.

What Happens When Caught with No Insurance?

Not having insurance for even a day can result in a serious charge. According to the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act of Ontario, driving an uninsured motor vehicle is illegal. Performing this action is considered a serious offence.  Severe outcomes, along with driving without insurance fines can result. The consequences for driving without insurance are as follows:

  • First Offence Fines: $5000 – $25,000
  • Second Offence Fines: $10,000 – $50,000
  • Licence Suspension for 30 days – 1 year
  • Impounded Vehicle for 90 days

Although it is not considered a criminal offence, and demerit points are not received, it is still quite serious. Driving without insurance fines are hefty and very unforgiving. Laura was afraid that she would suffer the consequences for driving without insurance.

She did not have the means to pay these fines. Furthermore, she did not want to experience the setback of not being able to drive. Laura was also concerned about her own insurance.  How would this be impacted?

How is Insurance Impacted After Driving with No Insurance?

Similar to other offences under the HTA, your insurance will be affected. If convicted of this offence, it will remain on your driving record for 3 years. This infraction will affect your standard insurance rates causing them to rise.

It is important to note that the increase is dependent on the severity of the offence. Also, the existence of other violations on your record can impact these changes.

Calling your insurance company to inquire is best for a clearer understanding of how this may affect your rates. Be sure to call without them knowing who is asking.

How to Fight a Driving Without Insurance Ticket?

Laura could not believe that she had allowed her insurance to lapse. She usually is a person that always has everything in order.

With this move, she had so many things on her plate. Forgetting to call her insurance was an unintentional mistake.

Laura knew she had to fight the charges, but where to begin? She remembered hearing about the law office of Aitken Robertson.

Jami Sanftleben - ParalegalThere was a qualified traffic court paralegal by the name of Jami, who she believed could help. Laura decided to give him a call. She wanted answers on how to fight a driving without insurance ticket.

As emphasized, the consequences of driving without insurance are severe, as it is a major offence. Acquiring the help of a professional is paramount in helping you to fight the charges™. Laura looked to Jami, a traffic court paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.

Laura was adamant about receiving clarification on the penalties and understanding how impactful they would be on her life. During their consultation, Jami explained these details after listening to Laura explain the events of that day. Jami also mentioned that he had been successful in getting even the mandatory minimum fine reduced to something much more manageable.

Laura was sure that Jami would build a strong argument to help with this charge. She was also happy that Aitken Robertson’s fees in addition to the mentioned court costs were reasonable. This affordability was especially important in consideration of her recent move.

Aitken Robertson’s block fee method was fitting for her financial situation. Laura was even surprised to hear that she could pay the retainer by credit card or by e-transfer.  With social distancing being so important, these methods were appropriate. Laura looked forward to Jami’s legal help.

If you are looking for legal assistance to help fight your driving without insurance ticket, contact us. Here, what matters to you matters to us. Schedule a free consultation with a legal professional from Aitken Robertson. Allow us to help you fight the charges™.

*Note: Laura is a fictional but representative client that we have created to better illustrate the problems and issues that drivers face when dealing with a Highway Traffic Act Charge.

I am here and ready to defend YOUR traffic ticket.

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