Canadians of all ages play our national pastime – the great game of hockey. In many leagues, it is common to have a few beers after the game. Don’t be caught driving over the legal limit because you thought you were sober enough to drive home after the game.

So how much beer can you safely drink after playing hockey?

After a tiring game of hockey it is possible that you may be legally impaired by alcohol after as little as two bottles of beer. A 175 lb. male having two bottles of regular strength beer over the space of one hour and then driving, would likely have a reading between 40 to 50 milligrams. At 50 mg, a driver would receive a 12 hour suspension.

For women, even less alcohol can be safely consumed.

Remember, it is an urban myth that you burn off one beer an hour as it takes two hours to burn off a 12oz, regular strength beer.

Take our advice: we have too many clients who thought they did the right thing by having only one beer an hour, only to be caught and blow over 110 mg.

Play hard, drive safe, and drink responsibly. Don’t be on the receiving end of a DUI charge.