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Assault: Domestic Assault Charges

Domestic assault is an area of assault that has been specifically enumerated by the authorities and by the Crown attorneys. On its face, it’s actually a charge under Section 266 of the Criminal Code which only  covers assault simpliciter, however, the authorities have decided that there are specific components of this assault, generally having occurred between lovers or between members of a family that make it unique, and as a result, all the parties involved in this matter need to work to ensure that the resolution reflects the unique situation involved in these matters. What that means is that we can’t simply resolve it as we would an assault between two individuals who are never going to see each other again, because of the domestic nature of this matter, in the fact that there is an ongoing relationship generally between the parties involved. It’s important that our resolution reflects this. As a result we try to resolve up these matters in a way that takes or allows for the matter to be successfully resolved, takes accountability for what’s occurred, but allows a relationship hopefully to continue in a more positive light moving forward.

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