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Legally Speaking: Legalized Cannabis Coming to Ontario

Conversation about Canada's recent passage of cannabis legalization and the legal implications this will have on impaired driving, use in the workplace and a variety of other related issues.
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Who to Trust When Facing a DUI Charge

In this episode, Toronto criminal lawyer Justin Marchand explains the importance of trusting your retained criminal defence lawyer with the information and specifics about your case.
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Choosing the Right Criminal Lawyer

Kingston criminal defence lawyer Jordan Tekenos-Levy explains what you should look for in the criminal lawyer you are interested in retained to defend your rights and interests. Different lawyers have different styles and it is important to find the right lawyer that is just right for you.
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Experienced Defence Lawyers for DUI and Criminal Charges

Kingston criminal defence lawyer, Jordan Tekenos-Levy, explains what it is like to be busy and his focus on handling a busy Kingston, Ontario criminal practice.
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Lawyer Confidentiality

Kingston criminal lawyer Jordan Tekenos-Levy explains the importance of lawyer confidentiality, and lawyer-client privilege. Quite often, our clients leave out tiny bits of information that they themselves deem as being irrelevant or unimportant.
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Roadside Tests for Impairment in Ontario

If an officer suspects you were driving under the influence, at the roadside they can ask you to blow into a machine or ask you to perform a series of coordination tests that you must comply with. Failing these tests could warrant further testing at the police station.
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The Aitken Robertson Advantage for DUI Charges

DUI charges require professional legal advice. If you're in the driver's seat you need the Aitken Robertson Advantage
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The 19th Hole: Drinking While Playing Golf

We've all heard of the 19th hole when playing a round of golf. Drinking during the game, and afterwards in the clubhouse could lead to a DUI.
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Drinking After Hockey: Prevent a DUI

Who doesn't enjoy a great game of hockey in Canada? However, is it safe to drink after the game?
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