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pot brothers at law

Legally Speaking S2Ep6 | California’s Pot Brothers at Law

This episode features California's famous cannabis duo, the Pot Brothers at Law, to talk about their work defending and educating US citizens.
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Testing Involved When A Police Officer Suspects Driving While Impaired By Drugs

The drug recognition expert protocol, or DRE, is a standardized and systematic method of examining if a suspect is driving under the influence of drugs.When a police officer suspects that a person is impaired by drugs he or she will conduct a series of standardized field sobriety tests to determine if there are probable grounds to conduct further testing.
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distracted impaired driving

Legally Speaking S2Ep5 | Distracted & Impaired Driving

This episode discusses Ontario's distracted and impaired driving laws - what's allowed, what's not allowed, what are the common misconceptions.
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pot pardon legislation

Legally Speaking S2Ep4 | Bill C-93 – Pot Pardon Legislation

This episode discusses record pardons, specifically for cannabis charges, and how cannabis legalization is changing the legislation.
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Cannabis and Landlord Laws

Legally Speaking S2Ep3 | Cannabis Use & Residential Landlord/Tenant Laws

Mark Cardy discusses cannabis use and residential landlord/tenant laws with guest Caryma Sa'd, a Toronto lawyer practicing in the areas of criminal law and landlord/tenant law.
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distracted driving laws ontario

Legally Speaking S2Ep2 | Ontario’s Distracted Driving Laws 2019

This episode discusses what you need to know about Ontario's new Distracted Driving Laws for 2019.
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new traffic laws

Legally Speaking S2Ep1 | 2018 Review & New Traffic Laws for 2019

Mark Cardy reviews 2018's past guests on "Legally Speaking" and provides updates on new traffic laws in effect for 2019 in Ontario.
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cannabis use medical use and driving

Legally Speaking S1Ep6 | Cannabis Legalization & Pain Management

This episode discusses cannabis legalization and the relationship between legal and illegal substance use and pain management.
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Cannabis use and child custody

Legally Speaking S1Ep5 | Cannabis and Child Custody

This episode discusses the impact of cannabis legalization on the family justice system.
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drug driving

Legally Speaking S1Ep4 | Drug Driving: One Toke Over the Line

This episode discusses the drug-driving laws ahead of cannabis legalization in Canada later this month.
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Legally Speaking S1Ep2 | Cannabis in the Workplace

Employment lawyer, Stuart Rudner joins Phil Stiles to discuss cannabis legalization and it's potential repercussions in the workplace on this month's Aitken Robertson PC "Legally Speaking" program.
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Legally Speaking: Legalized Cannabis Coming to Ontario

Conversation about Canada's recent passage of cannabis legalization and the legal implications this will have on impaired driving, use in the workplace and a variety of other related issues.
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