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Pornography Offences: Penalties of Child Pornography

Philip Stiles, criminal lawyer, briefly explains the penalties for child pornography charges.
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Pornography Offences: Intimate Image Penalties

Philip Stiles, criminal lawyer, talks about the penalties to the charge of distribution of intimate images.
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Drug Offences: Growing Cannabis

Philip Stiles, criminal lawyer, reviews the laws surrounding growing your own cannabis.
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Drug Offences: Scheduled Substances

Philip Stiles, criminal lawyer, explains what it means to be charged with possession of a scheduled substance.
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Drug Offences: Possession of Cannabis

Philip Stiles, criminal lawyer, talks about what your rights are when it comes to possession of cannabis.
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Pornography Offences: Sex Offender Information Registry Act

S.O.I.R.A. is the Sex Offender Information Registry Act and S.O.I.R.A. accompanies most sexual offenses, so for example if you are charged under Section 151 sexual interference for example, there is a mandatory S.O.I.R.A. order.
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Pornography Offences: Child Pornography Defences

If someone under the age of 18 is nude it doesn't always mean it's sexually explicit. So there are a wide range of defenses to child pornography charges.
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Drug Offence Overview

So why are drug offenses federal charges, and what makes them more serious, or why are they more serious?
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Pornography Charges: Are Images Ever Truly Deleted?

When it comes to child pornography laws, a common question is whether an image can ever really truly be deleted.
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Pornography Charges: Defining Child Pornography

Child pornography is a very serious charge and conviction, so it is important to understand what the legal definition of child pornography actually is.
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Evidence Stricken From the Record

Justin Marchand wins drinking and driving cases based on the fact that he has successfully argued to have evidence excluded.
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D.U.I. Law and Stream D for Second Time Offenders

Stream D is a new program from Ontario's Ministry of Transportation. It specifically pertains to second time DUI offenders.
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