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D.U.I. Law and Stream D for Second Time Offenders

Stream D is a new program from Ontario's Ministry of Transportation. It specifically pertains to second time DUI offenders.
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The Latest in D.U.I. Penalties

In December 2018, the government introduced Bill C-46 which brought about some changes to the DUI legislation, specifically with regards to the penalties for Over 80.
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The Latest in D.U.I. Law

In December of 2018, the government of Canada introduced Bill C-46, which was an act to amend the Criminal Code with respect to the new DUI legislation.
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Your Charter of Rights: Entering the Home Without Consent

Justin Marchand talks about your charter rights and whether law enforcement can enter your home without proper consent or not.
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Charge Specific Information: Detention

Justin Marchand discusses what happens to your rights when you are detained by the police and how he deals with these situations.
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Your Charter of Rights: Detention

If you're put into criminal jeopardy, via an interaction between you and police, the police are going to have an obligation imposed on them, by the Charter.
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Careless Driving: Definition and Penalties

So careless driving is defined as driving without due care or attention, or without reasonable consideration for others using the highway.
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Care and Control of A Vehicle

It is a shocking revelation to many that driving itself is not necessary to charge or convict a person of impaired driving, or driving over 80.
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Rules for Search and Seizure

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms under section 8 gives you the right against arbitrary search and seizure, and your vehicle would be a place where you have a privacy interest.
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Significance of Second & Subsequent Charges

Having subsequent charges can affect you in a number of ways, including longer car impoundment times or minimum jail time for charges within five years.
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Traffic Charges and Tickets: Our Approach

There's generally something that can be done when you're charged with a traffic ticket, whether it's beating it or whether it's resolving it in line with your exact expectations.
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Illegally Obtained Evidence

If evidence used against you is proved to be obtained illegally, it is incumbent on the judge to turn their mind to a remedy.
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