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Charged with a Criminal Offence in Oshawa– Check Out What the Aitken Robertson Firm can do for You

If you are facing a criminal charge or several criminal charges, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what part of the Criminal Code the charge is based on, our experienced and dedicated lawyers can help you fight the charges. Keep reading to gain an overview of how our firm can assist you in resolving your matter expediently and efficiently. 

Free 30-minute Initial Consultation

  • Book an appointment either in person or over the phone
  • Meet with a lawyer at the firm or have a telephone conversation
  • Inform us of your criminal charge(s)
  • Inform us of your version of events
  • Answer our questions
  • Answer your questions
  • Provide you with a legal opinion
  • Give you information about our legal fees including the availability of payment plans with no interest
  • Schedule a subsequent appointment if retaining

Disclosure Review

  • Meet with a lawyer at the firm
  • Conduct a thorough review of your disclosure
  • Assess the Crown’s case against you
  • Gather relevant information from you for your file
  • Provide you with a legal opinion on your case
  • Canvass your options
  • Explain the legal process
  • Walk you through the steps of the criminal justice system
  • Educate you about the next steps

Your Role

  • Give us the honest facts to the extent we ask you ‘what happened’
  • Share your goals
  • Provide supporting documentation
  • Provide character letters
  • Provide employment information and letters
  • Provide educational documentation
  • Provide psychiatric reports if applicable
  • Provide certificate completion of programs such as anger management, counselling, alcohol counselling etc.

Our Goals

Depending on the facts of your case:

  • Point out flaws in Crown’s case
  • Persuade Crown to withdraw
  • Persuade Crown to reduce charges
  • Determine a sentencing position
  • Determine trial issues
  • and of course, think outside the box to get you solid results!

Crown Pre-trial (CPT)

  • We attend a CPT on your behalf
  • A meaningful meeting takes place in chambers between your criminal defence lawyer and the Crown assigned to your matter
  • We work on moving your matter forward through resolution
  • Discuss resolution options

Judicial Pre-trial (JPT)

  • We attend a JPT on your behalf
  • A meaningful meeting takes place in chambers between your criminal defence lawyer, the Crown assigned to your matter and a judge
  • The accused person is not present nor is any Crown witness
  • We work on moving your matter forward either through resolution or a trial
  • Provide materials to Crown and judge
  • Advance criminal law defences
  • Discuss disclosure, admissions, pre-trial motions
  • Discuss resolution options
  • Receive judicial opinions on strengths and/or weaknesses of Crown’s case
  • Assess accurate trial estimates
  • Schedule a continuing JPT and attend on your behalf for further resolution


  • Conduct a trial on your behalf (if applicable)
  • Advance legal arguments and Canadian case law to further your defence
  • Advocate zealously
  • Achieve results

As illustrated above, the Aitken Robertson team works hard and with you to fight your charge(s). We keep you apprised of the developments in your case. We understand that facing a criminal charge(s) is not easy. That is why we take the burden off your shoulders and go to work for you. So, what’s next? Check out our website and see what our clients are saying about our legal services. Explore the various unique backgrounds and skill-sets our lawyers bring to the table. Finally, give us a call to book your free 30-minute consultation; the sooner the better for your case.

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