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The Cost of a Case: How Much Will I Have to Pay a Defence Lawyer for Domestic Assault Charges in Kingston?

If you have been charged with domestic assault and/or related charges in the Kingston area and are shopping around for a Kingston lawyer to represent you, you will likely be quoted a wide range of not just prices but also pricing schemes, making it difficult to “comparison shop.” As with almost everything else, the cost of different defence lawyers can vary and to some extent, you get what you pay for. As well, the complexity of a case has to be taken into account and a more complex case is, not surprisingly, likely to cost you more than a simple or straightforward one because it will simply require more time on the part of the lawyer. Other factors that will affect cost include the experience level of the lawyer and the type of outcome you are seeking. An experienced lawyer will likely cost more than an inexperienced one. If the outcome that you are seeking is a reasonable plea bargain, your costs will be lower than if you wish to take your matter to trial.

Domestic violence type charges such as assaults, uttering threats and forcible confinement, are common and most criminal lawyers will have some familiarity or at least some knowledge of this area of law. But there is usually so much at stake in these cases that it is worth paying for an experienced lawyer who knows the ropes and can get you the best possible outcome in your circumstances. The background to domestic assault charges often includes a family court battle. And indeed, the outcome of your criminal court matter (the domestic assault charges) may affect your family court matter. Your lawyer’s experience in handling domestic assaults and similar charges as well as your lawyer’s knowledge of the local practices of the Kingston court, matters.

If you are seeking to resolve your case by way of a plea bargain, you should not be doing that only to avoid the higher costs of a trial. If you are not guilty, you should not plead guilty. However, if you are prepared to accept the alleged facts and wish to plead guilty, your lawyer should, on your behalf, craft a plea deal that you can live with. Again, experience and knowledge of local practices matters in this situation.

If your instructions to your lawyer are that you want to fight your Kingston domestic assault case by taking it to trial, that will usually cost you more than a plea bargain. Alternatively, if your lawyer achieves a withdrawal of the charges, such a great result amounts to the equivalent of winning a trial and accordingly the cost would likely be higher than the cost of an average plea bargain result.

Aitken Robertson’s criminal lawyers in Kingston are experienced in dealing with the domestic assault type of charges and they know the local court. Furthermore, Aitken Robertson’s fees are easy to understand and predictable.

Aitken Robertson fees

While not the cheapest lawyers in the Kingston area, the team at Aitken Robertson provides good value for your money. The firm has a proven track record of success in domestic violence cases of every kind. You will be provided with an up-front fee quote so that there will be no surprises in your legal bill.

Hourly Fees versus Flat Fees or Block Billing

Typically lawyers bill by the hour and docket each tenth of an hour spent on a file, including time on the phone with a client and each court appearance. Not Aitken Robertson. Aitken Robertson’s lawyers won’t charge you for phone calls, or for every court appearance. You don’t have to worry about what you will be charged every time you pick up the phone to call your lawyer. In fact, the lawyers at Aitken Robertson want you to call if you have a question because they value good communication between lawyer and client. Instead of hourly billing, Aitken Robertson uses a flat fee or block fee billing system. With flat fee or block fee billing for your domestic assault case you won’t get an unexpected shock when you get your legal bill – because the flat fees for various outcomes would have been quoted to you up front.

The firm is flexible when it comes to payment and is prepared to tailor a payment plan for your case and ability to pay. And, Aitken Robertson’s payment plans are interest-free!

If you have been charged with domestic assault or similar offences in the Kingston area, you can contact Aitken Robertson’s Kingston lawyers for a free 30-minute consultation.

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