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Choosing the Right Lawyer for a Domestic Assault Charge in Cobourg

When You Start Looking for a Lawyer

When you start looking for a lawyer to help you with your domestic assault charges in Cobourg, you probably start by looking online. (If you are reading this blog then you must be someone who looks for information online.) In fact, most lawyers nowadays have an online presence so if you have in fact looked online you will probably have noticed that there is a significant amount of choice for legal representation, even in a small jurisdiction such as Cobourg. Given this much choice, how do you choose the correct lawyer for your domestic assault case?

Some lawyers who are advertising online only supply contact information while some lawyers and law firms have more information on their websites.  Having a look at a lawyer’s or law firm’s website is a good way to start narrowing your search. How comprehensive is the information on the lawyer’s or law firm’s website? Features that you might look for in a lawyer’s or law firm’s website might include:

Once You Have Narrowed Your Search

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few possible candidates, you can start contacting them. If the lawyer will give you a free initial consultation, that will give you a chance not only to see what that lawyer can tell you about your particular case, but also provides a good opportunity to get a feel for what that lawyer is like – is this a lawyer with whom you could work?

As well, you should ask about the lawyer’s experience with cases like yours. Has this lawyer dealt with a lot of domestic assault cases? Most criminal lawyers have some experience with assault cases and usually also with domestic assault cases. It goes without saying that a more experienced lawyer is probably better. However, even if the lawyer you like is not very experienced, if that lawyer is part of a team containing more experienced lawyers, then that might still be a good lawyer for your domestic assault charges.

You might also inquire into the lawyer’s familiarity with the local practices of the court in which your matter is being heard. Although the law itself is the same in all the criminal courts in the country, the procedures and outcomes will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, how initial disclosure is provided in the Kingston court is different from how it is provided in Oshawa. Outcomes of certain types of cases will also vary according to the jurisdiction. For example, in some jurisdictions, people charged with domestic violence charges such as domestic assault, are able to participate in early intervention programs which result in the criminal charges being withdrawn. Unfortunately, Cobourg is not one of those jurisdictions. Nevertheless, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a similar plan and outcome. For your Cobourg domestic assault charges look for a lawyer who knows what is possible in that jurisdiction and who can get the best possible outcome for your particular case.

What is All this Going to Cost?

If you are like most people, the cost of legal representation is an issue that will weigh heavily in your decision-making process. When you are considering prospective lawyers, you will also be comparing costs. But how do you even start to compare and assess legal costs? Some things to look at include:

  • the billing structure (hourly rate versus block fees);
  • the availability of payment plans (because few people can afford to pay the full amount all at once);
  • if there is a payment plan option, whether interest is charged;
  • will the lawyer nickel and dime you by billing you for expenses like postage or photocopying; and,
  • will the lawyer charge you mileage to attend a distantly located court?

Aitken Robertson is a Reputable but Affordable Law Firm

Aitken Robertson is mid-sized, established criminal law firm with offices throughout Ontario. If you check out our website you will find useful legal information, examples of cases we have experience with and client testimonials.

Our team of lawyers has experience in many areas of criminal law, including domestic violence, an area of criminal law that includes domestic assault and other related charges such as criminal harassment, forcible confinement and uttering threats. Aitken Robertson uses a team approach – you don’t just get one lawyer; you get the benefit of the experience of the whole Aitken Robertson team.

The lawyers of Aitken Robertson know the people, the procedures and the possibilities for your domestic assault charges in Cobourg.

We offer free half-hour initial consultations. You can meet with us either in person or by telephone, whichever is more convenient for you.

Aitkin Robertson uses a block fee rather than an hourly billing system – so there should be no surprises with your legal bill. We offer interest-free payment plans. We don’t charge for most disbursements and never charge for mileage.

If you’ve been charged with domestic assault or something similar you need to consult with a competent lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you in Cobourg court consider the firm of Aitken Robertson. You can get to know us by having a free initial half-hour consultation. Arranging a free consultation with us is easy, either through our website at or by giving us a call, toll free at 1-800-668-1657.

Lavinia Inbar

I have practised what is sometimes called “poverty law” in the community legal clinic system as well as criminal defence both in private practice and as duty counsel. Besides private retainer clients, I have represented clients on Legal Aid criminal law certificates, including Gladue panel certificates (for Indigenous defendants).

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