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CASE STUDY: Judicial Stay of Sexual Assault Charges in Cobourg

Our client, Mr. S, was a man with a good job, a wife and kids, and no criminal record. He was charged with sexual assault in relation to an incident at a family event. Mr. S denied the allegations, and the matter was set for a five-day trial. However, upon the start of the trial, a scheduling conflict on the part of the Crown led them to request that the trial proceed at a different date. If convicted, Mr. S was facing a three-year penitentiary sentence and registration as a sex offender.

CASE STUDY: Domestic Assault Charges in Oshawa

Our client, Mr. P, was accused of domestic assault by a former partner in the midst of contentious family law proceedings. Based on historical allegations, he was accused of hitting her in the head during a verbal argument, leading to her getting a concussion. Mr. P denied these accusations: he didn’t believe that this incident had occurred.

CASE STUDY: Bail Hearing in Kingston

Our client, Mr. F, was a middle-aged man with no criminal record. He found himself accused of a number of offences relating to the finding of a significant number of firearms and narcotics. After he was held for bail, he retained our firm to represent him in his bail hearing.

CASE STUDY: Sexual Assault in Kitchener-Waterloo

Our client, Mr. F, was accused by a close family member of sexual assault, indecent exposure, and assault. He was accused of sexually assaulting her when she was young, and later exposing himself to her. He was also accused of committing an assault on her

CASE STUDY: Sexual Assault in Lindsay

Our client found himself facing serious criminal allegations when he was accused of touching a girl on the school bus. He was charged with sexual assault as a youth.

CASE STUDY: Uttering threat, Domestic assault

Our client, Ms. F, was the complainant in an incident with her common-law spouse. She called police, stating that her spouse had put his hand over her mouth and harassed her, with the intention of having him placed in a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

CASE STUDY: Assault x 3, Assault Causing Bodily Harm x 2, Assault with a Weapon

Mr. P was charged with six counts, including assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm. Ms. J accused Mr. P of choking her.

CASE STUDY: Theft Over $5,000 in Toronto

Our client found himself in trouble with the law when he was accused by his employer of stealing over $16,000. He was charged with theft over $5,000.

CASE STUDY: Assault Charges and Bail Hearing in Newmarket

Our client’s ability to come to Canada and obtain permanent resident status was put in serious jeopardy, however, when he was arrested and charged with assault.

CASE STUDY: Possession for the purpose of trafficking in Brockville

These charges were serious for Mr. V. Possession of illicit substances as a truck driver carries a mandatory term of imprisonment.

CASE STUDY: Refusing a breath sample in Cobourg

Because of the client’s legal aspirations, it was important to him that the situation be resolved without appearing on his criminal record.

CASE STUDY: Assault charges in Bancroft

The goal was to get both accused acquitted of the charges of assault causing bodily harm. To do this, our lawyers aimed to establish that the accused had acted in self-defence against the actions of the complainant.

CASE STUDY: Impaired Driving, Over 80, Criminal Harassment in Brampton

In order to negotiate a plea deal with the Crown, our lawyer aimed to raise doubt regarding the Crown’s reasonable prospect of conviction in this case.

CASE STUDY: Impaired Driving, Over 80 in Oshawa

With the Crown unwilling to withdraw the criminal charges against our client, the goal was to go to trial and to have our client found not guilty.

CASE STUDY: Assault and Impaired Driving in Perth

Based on the circumstances, the goal of the client was to have all of the criminal charges withdrawn. This would mean that these new charges would not appear on his criminal record.

CASE STUDY: Bail Hearing for Drug Charges in Newmarket

In order to get the client released on bail, it was important to mitigate all three grounds for pre-trial detention.

CASE STUDY: Drug Charges in Newmarket

The strategy to ensure that the client did not get a criminal conviction was, first, to negotiate for this outcome in the pre-trial proceedings.

CASE STUDY: Fraud Charges in Kitchener

The goal was to have the matter resolved such that the client would not get a criminal conviction and the charges would not appear on her criminal record.

CASE STUDY: Drug Charges in Belleville

As our client was a full-time student, one of the key goals was to allow him to continue to attend school.

CASE STUDY: Sexual Assault Charges in Kingston

Our goal here was to have our client released from jail pending his trial by establishing that neither of the grounds for pre-trial detention were met.

CASE STUDY: Theft, Fraud Charges in Cobourg

Given her lack of previous criminal record, the client’s goal was to avoid a criminal record and jail time, while managing the cost of the process.

CASE STUDY: Domestic Assault Charges in Belleville

The goal here was to have the accused found ‘not guilty’ by raising a reasonable doubt as to whether he had actually committed the act in question.

CASE STUDY: Theft, Mischief Charges in Brampton

The client’s goal was to resolve the charges in a way that would not harm her chances at being successful in her permanent residency application. For this, any result leading to no criminal conviction would have been advantageous.


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