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CASE STUDY: Judicial Stay of Sexual Assault Charges in Cobourg

Our client, Mr. S, was a man with a good job, a wife and kids, and no criminal record. He was charged with sexual assault in relation to an incident at a family event. Mr. S denied the allegations, and the matter was set for a five-day trial. However, upon the start of the trial, a scheduling conflict on the part of the Crown led them to request that the trial proceed at a different date. If convicted, Mr. S was facing a three-year penitentiary sentence and registration as a sex offender.

CASE STUDY: Assault in Minden

Mr. E, a single widowed father juggling multiple jobs and pursuing further education while caring for a young child, encountered a challenging situation when he spanked his child out of frustration, leaving visible marks but causing no serious injury. This led to the intervention of the Children’s Aid Society, which resulted in a criminal assault charge against Mr. E.

CASE STUDY: Belleville Sexual Assault Charges

Our client, Mr. M, was a middle-aged man with adult children and who had no criminal record. He was accused of sexual assault by two of his children, who claimed that the alleged assaults had taken place over a period of several years between 20 and 30 years prior.

CASE STUDY: Child Pornography Charges in Kingston

Mr. H was a man with a good job, a wife and kids, but found himself in serious trouble when he was arrested on child pornography charges. He was accused of both possessing and accessing child pornography.

CASE STUDY: Child Pornography Charges in Peterborough

Our client, Mr. W, was arrested and charged with possessing child pornography, and further charged with mischief and voyeurism a number of months later, after the seizure of his belongings. These were serious charges that would lead to jail time as well as registration as a sex offender for Mr. W if convicted.

CASE STUDY: Sexual Assault Charges

Our client, Mr. B, was charged with a serious sexual assault. The Crown had tried to prosecute him years earlier, but that prosecution fell apart. With the second attempt at prosecution taking place years later, there was a significant delay in the prosecution of this alleged offence. If convicted, our client would likely be facing several years of jail time.

CASE STUDY: Stay of Proceedings and Amending YPS Privacy Policies – Over 80

The outcome of Ms. M’s trial was not only a victory for Ms. M herself, but also for all those detained by the York Regional Police moving forward.

CASE STUDY: Stay of Proceedings – Possession of a Controlled Substance

This case showcases the way a criminal charge can drag on, consuming the accused’s life for months, all while the accused is still presumed innocent.

CASE STUDY: Over 80mg – Stay of Proceedings

Ms. B had just recently arrived back to Canada. Her plane had only just landed not long before she was stopped by the Ontario R.I.D.E. program as she drove home from the airport. She explained to the officer that she was feeling jetlagged but the officer could smell an odour of alcohol coming from her breath. She was placed under arrest after failing the approved screening device test.


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