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CASE STUDY: Sexual Offence Charges Withdrawn

Mr. A had no prior criminal record. He was married and had a very good job. He remained a contributing member of the community throughout his life. Mr. A found himself in trouble when he was charged with these serious offences. The police gathered extensive evidence against Mr. A including computer extraction data, IP address data etc. Surprisingly, the police did not obtain a production order (similar to a warrant) to obtain personal subscriber information from the telecom companies citing exigent and urgent circumstances.

CASE STUDY: Assault Charges and Bail Hearing in Newmarket

Our client’s ability to come to Canada and obtain permanent resident status was put in serious jeopardy, however, when he was arrested and charged with assault.

CASE STUDY: Assault and Dangerous Driving Charges

Mr. E was a man with no criminal record, but was facing serious criminal allegations stemming from an alleged police pursuit. He was accused of fleeing from police by car and assaulting police with an axe. He found himself charged with flight from a peace officer, dangerous driving, and assaulting a peace officer.

CASE STUDY: Bail Hearing for Drug Charges in Newmarket

In order to get the client released on bail, it was important to mitigate all three grounds for pre-trial detention.

CASE STUDY: Drug Charges in Newmarket

The strategy to ensure that the client did not get a criminal conviction was, first, to negotiate for this outcome in the pre-trial proceedings.

CASE STUDY: Charges Withdrawn – Over 80

Getting the criminal charge of over 80 dropped was the priority. The Highway Traffic Act charges carried fines and penalties, but no criminal record. A plea deal to have the criminal charges dropped would be a fine option that avoided trial and saved the client money.

CASE STUDY: Charges Withdrawn – Over 80

While on his drive home from a charitable event, Mr. B was stopped by police in a RIDE check. He had consumed only a small number of drinks that evening, and they were spread out over several hours, but Mr. B was nervous because he rarely encounters police.

CASE STUDY: Charges Withdrawn- Driving With BAC Over 80

Mr. T’s ability to drive was central to his practice as a butcher. Farmers would contact Mr. T in emergencies where livestock needed to be put down and butchered quickly and losing his ability to travel for work would be financially devastating.

CASE STUDY: Dangerous Driving Plead Down to Careless Driving, Two HTA Offences Withdrawn

Mr. G and Ms. L collided while driving on a residential street. The interaction between the two became heated, and involved them driving side-by-side, shouting at one another from their own cars, and Ms. L alleges Mr. G was tailgating for some time. After the collision Ms. L claims that Mr. G sped off.


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