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Please Note: Past results not predictive of future results.

CASE STUDY: Reduced from Over 80 to Careless

Mr. H wanted to avoid the criminal charges. We recognized the unfortunate circumstances Mr. H had found himself in and established a clear goal: have Mr. H’s charges reduced to a non-criminal charge.

CASE STUDY: Over 80 – Reduced Fine and No License Suspension

With an Over 80 charge, our client was able to avoid a criminal record and losing his driver’s licence as a result of cross-examination.

CASE STUDY: Over 80 Acquittal in North Bay

During the cross examination we focused on the violation of s.10(b), and revealed that there were actually major gaps in the officers recollection of the events at the station.

CASE STUDY: Driving Over 80 / Care or Control in Lindsay

When police arrived on scene, Mr. K was outside of his vehicle asking for police assistance. Officers then detected the odour of alcohol on his breath.

CASE STUDY: Impaired, Over 80

Our client, a young man, aged 34 found himself in difficulties with the police, and retained me to assist with his file.

CASE STUDY: Acquittal – Care or Control of Motor Vehicle with More than 80mg of Alcohol in 100ml of Blood

It was a slow night for Barrie police and Constable W. was doing what he sometimes did in those circumstances. He was parked outside a local night spot in the hope of catching impaired drivers as they were leaving. On that late September night he spotted a black Mercedes exiting the parking lot adjacent to the bar. He decided to follow. He followed the Mercedes onto the highway where he reported observing it twice touch the white shoulder line.

CASE STUDY: Impaired, Over 80 & Novice Driver BAC Over 80

About an hour after dawn on a clear, dry Sunday morning in May, in the heart of Muskoka, police were dispatched to a vehicle roll over. They arrived at the scene to find the vehicle on its roof. The driver Mr. N and his passenger were standing nearby as was a bystander. Mr. N was 20 years old and was in cottage country for a weekend away with a buddy. 


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