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CASE STUDY: Licence Appeal Tribunal Matter – Reinstating Driving Privileges

Mr. R, a dedicated real estate agent, faced a challenging situation when his driver's licence was suspended due to a diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder for alcohol following an encounter with a student doctor.

CASE STUDY: Appeal to the Licence Appeal Tribunal of Ontario (Medical Driver’s Licence Suspension)

Mr. T's predicament arose when his pacemaker delivered an “appropriate shock,” as it is called, raising concerns about his ability to safely operate a vehicle. His doctor, aware of the incident due to the online report the device made, promptly suspended his driver's licence due to the potential risks associated with driving with a severe medical condition.

CASE STUDY: Licensing Appeal Tribunal (LAT) Appeal

The LAT is an administrative body appointed by the provincial government to hear and decide on appeals made on all sorts of licence suspension issues, from impairments due to seizures, addiction, cognitive disorders and more.

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