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CASE STUDY: Sexual Offence Charges Withdrawn

Mr. A had no prior criminal record. He was married and had a very good job. He remained a contributing member of the community throughout his life. Mr. A found himself in trouble when he was charged with these serious offences. The police gathered extensive evidence against Mr. A including computer extraction data, IP address data etc. Surprisingly, the police did not obtain a production order (similar to a warrant) to obtain personal subscriber information from the telecom companies citing exigent and urgent circumstances.

CASE STUDY: Child Pornography Charges Withdrawn

After on-going discussions with the Crown Attorney spanning through several months, all charges against Mr. S were outright withdrawn.

CASE STUDY: Child Luring and Multiple Child Pornography Charges

Mr. R was in his last year of high-school and in the midst of applying to university when he was charged with severe criminal offences.

CASE STUDY: Charge Withdrawn – Voyeurism

Our client faced a criminal record and a jail sentence, but had hopes of studying law. Our client obtained a peace bond and charges were withdrawn.


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