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Please Note: Past results not predictive of future results.

CASE STUDY: Domestic assault, resisting arrest

Even though the Crown was not seeking jail time in this case, the goal was to ensure a non-criminal outcome for our client.

CASE STUDY: Sexual assault, forcible confinement, mischief

The result of the negotiation was a success. Mr. F entered a plea of guilty to a common assault, and the sexual assault and mischief charges were withdrawn.

CASE STUDY: Impaired, Speeding/Stunt Driving

Our client was very happy about the outcome of her case and very grateful for our advice in moving the matter towards trial.

CASE STUDY: Sexual Assault and Interference

Our client in this case faced serious allegations and the goal was to have him acquitted and found not guilty so he could get his life back on track.

CASE STUDY: Spousal Assault in Belleville

On a winter’s morning of 2023, at 03:28 a.m., the police received a dispatch call regarding a domestic dispute. The complainant and homeowner, Mr. F, reported that Ms. A, his friend’s girlfriend, was intoxicated and engaged in an argument with her boyfriend, Mr. B.

CASE STUDY: Belleville Sexual Assault Charges

Our client, Mr. M, was a middle-aged man with adult children and who had no criminal record. He was accused of sexual assault by two of his children, who claimed that the alleged assaults had taken place over a period of several years between 20 and 30 years prior.

CASE STUDY: Sexual Assault Charges in Belleville

Our client, Mr. P, was a young man with children who was going through separation proceedings with his wife. His wife, the complainant in this case, accused him of sexually assaulting her on two separate occasions.

CASE STUDY: Domestic Spousal Assault in Belleville

The complainant alleged that a verbal altercation ensued, leading to Mr. D and the victim engaging in a physical dispute.

CASE STUDY: Drug Charges in Belleville

As our client was a full-time student, one of the key goals was to allow him to continue to attend school.

CASE STUDY: Domestic Assault Charges in Belleville

The goal here was to have the accused found ‘not guilty’ by raising a reasonable doubt as to whether he had actually committed the act in question.

CASE STUDY: Charges of Over 80 in Belleville Dismissed

An officer of the Belleville police department received the call just after 9:00 p.m. A citizen had phoned Dispatch to report a red pickup track driving erratically.

CASE STUDY: Plea Bargain – Break and Enter

Our goal was to keep our client out of a lengthy jail sentence. Our client entered a plea bargain and some charges were withdrawn.


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