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CASE STUDY: Bail Hearing in Kingston

Our client, Mr. F, was a middle-aged man with no criminal record. He found himself accused of a number of offences relating to the finding of a significant number of firearms and narcotics. After he was held for bail, he retained our firm to represent him in his bail hearing.

CASE STUDY: Assault Charges and Bail Hearing in Newmarket

Our client’s ability to come to Canada and obtain permanent resident status was put in serious jeopardy, however, when he was arrested and charged with assault.

CASE STUDY: Bail Hearing for Drug Charges in Newmarket

In order to get the client released on bail, it was important to mitigate all three grounds for pre-trial detention.


We’re here for all criminal offences including sexual offences, driving offences, violent offences, white collar crime and drug offences.